Reasons to Choose AChildren’s Go Kart from Wicken Toys

Looking to buy a pedal go kart for your kids? Wicken Toys stock a huge collection of children’s go karts, the largest selection in the UK, and have been in the business for more almost 30 years. They know exactly what makes a great go kart toy for your children and there are many benefits to choosing one from their range.

Various choices

There are almost 100 different types of go karts and go kart accessories available to choose from. Some designs you can even add an extra passenger seat on to the back of the kart, which is perfect if you have more than one child.

Wicken Toys stock both Kettler Go Karts and Berg Go Karts. They come in numerous sizes, styles and colours.You can even buy a Berg Hybrid which features a 250W E-Motor.

Suitable for all ages

With several designs suitable for small children and many capable of being using by an adult up to 100kg go karts can provide endless hours of fun for the entire family. Many of the karts come with a few gears to help make pedalling easier or to help your kids drive a little faster if they would like.

To ensure your family can enjoy your go kart for many years to come each Berg Kart comes with a 2-year warranty which is extended to 5 years if you register your purchase with Berg themselves.

Finance Options

You will never have to worry about affording the go kart you would like to buy. Wicken Toys have a number of finance options available. They can be used on any orders between a total of £800 and £15000.Another advantage is that they offer free shipping on orders over £120 too!

Try before you buy

If you are unsure which kind you would like you can also pay a visit to their outdoor display which houses many of the products they have for sale. Let your kids have a test drive or even give it a go yourself!

For more details youcan get in contact with Wicken Toys by calling 0800 587 1066 or 01908 571 233. You can also email