Protecting Yourself With The Best Radnor Auto Darkening Welding Lenses

When you work in places such as welding, it helps when you also know how you can protect yourself. welding work can be very risky and it can also affect your health overall if you’re not careful don’t have to worry because there is safety equipment that you can get to help protect your eyes from possible debris that come out from your welding activities.

How You Can Protect Your Eyes And Face While Welding

safety vest should always be your top priority, welding can give off dangerous UV rays and that in turn can also cause dangerous sin burns as well as eye damage, you would not want to wait for the day that you feel your eyes burning or you feel that your skin is getting very uncomfortable from all the UV rays that you’re exposed to.

It doesn’t even last for just a day, you can feel the effects of the UV rays even days after your eyes have been exposed to it and that can be very irritating and at the same time discomforting.

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Some welders have problems of not being able to see through their helmets when working and that can be very dangerous as well. This is why you need to look for products like the radnor auto-darkening welding lenses that can help adjust your sight when you wear them while welding.

What To Expect From Buying Welding Lenses

  • Consists of a helmet that covers the face
  • The helmet is then wrapped around the head for protection
  • Viewing plate of the helmet is around 2”x 4”
  • Lens shades come in various shades of darkness to accommodate different welding processes

Picking Out The Best Welding Lenses

Nowadays there are actually more choices that you can find in the market. There are lenses that are not too dark while there are also others that are not too thin or too thick. If you are an experienced welder you may want to have more than one lens just for comfort. This means that in mid-work you can actually have the option to change your lenses for better viewing.

Also, you have to make sure that you don’t buy shields that are heavy for your head. Another thing, go for options where you would to feel too hot when you wear them. In order to work better, you will need to be very comfortable with the equipment that you wear. Just think about it, welding itself is already hot, and if you have a shield that you feel very sweaty in, then it will affect your work badly.

There are now new and modern shields that can help you with this problem as they are light, have at least 4” or 5″ of viewing plate and the lenses are auto darkening. These auto darkening lenses stay very much clear until the arc is then struck at a certain amount of speed. After the lens determines this, it then becomes dark and you are still able to see clearly despite all the sparks that come from the weld.