Programs for New Home Buyers in Lees Summit, MO

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Buying your first home can potentially be an intimidating experience. It’s likely the most money you’ve ever spent on a single item, and the item itself is going to define your life and lifestyle for years to come.

The layman doesn’t work as a property manager or in real estate sales and wouldn’t be expected to know the intricacies of something they’ve never done before, so fortunately a company such as Inspired Homes is available to help you through the process. Other than your tax deduction for mortgage payments, there are area specific programs to help inspire first time new homes buyers, and specifically in Lees Summit, MO, there is the Community Development Block Grant Program to help offset some of the costs of buying your first house.

First Time Home Buyer Program

The First Time Home Buyer Program provides up to $3,000 to offset unexpected expenses of buying a new home. The government understands how a first-time buyer may be prepared for the purchase price of a new home without having budgeted money for the appraiser, taxes, closing costs, or utilities deposits. Certainly, $3,000 isn’t much toward the value of the home, but will help toward immediate needs during the sale.

Minor Home Repair Program

The Minor Home Repair program is seasonal and limited to emergency needs but is an available resource. It is a personalized program toward specific situations, but generally addresses the fact that nobody wants a rotting house next door, so if you can’t afford repairs it is in the community interest to help maintain your home.

Inspired Homes is a local resource who can help you determine the best approach toward buying a new house. We work in real estate as our daily job and will be happy to share our experience toward your new home purchase.