Polishing Wooden Kitchen Cabinets

يتم The use of wood polishes on the market is oil.

يعمل works to clean the wood effectively and the strongest fatty spots that are difficult to remove in other recipes.

قبل Before using it should be tested on a small and invisible part of the cabinets and make sure that it does not cause any damage or change of color.

يتم Put a quantity of this polisher on a dry and clean cotton cloth and then rub the cabinets with circular movements and gently.

ثم The cabinets are dried with a cotton cloth and dry to get rid of any traces of moisture.

  • Polishing wooden kitchen cabinets with oils:

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يتم Prepare a mixture of half a cup of olive oil and half a cup of lemon juice or vinegar and stirring until the ingredients are mixed.

ثم The mixture is then placed with a brush and sprayed the wooden kitchen cabinets with the mixture.

ثم The cabinets are immediately cleaned with a cotton cloth and gently dry.

يعمل This mixture works to provide cleanliness of vinegar or lemon and provide moisturizing of wood with oil in addition to gloss.

The most important tips to keep wooden kitchen cabinets:

  1. Cleaning the cupboards daily after the preparation of food to prevent the accumulation of fat atoms and vapors.
  2. Kitchen cabinets are cleaned from the inside every two weeks with the same cleaning methods from the inside.
  3. Take into account the drying of the pots before placing them in wooden cabinets.
  4. Take into consideration the experience of any recipe on a small and invisible part to ensure that no harm is caused.
  5. Consider not using water frequently in cleaning wooden kitchen cabinets and replacing them with oils.

Alumetal kitchen cleaning methods

Alumetal kitchen cleaning methods:

  • Daily cleaning:

إ Be sure to polish the alumetal kitchen cabinets on a daily basis using a piece of dry micro-fiber cloth to remove dust and grease.

  • To clean alumetal kitchen cabinets of the fat accumulated in lemon:

المكونات Ingredients:

half cup lemon juice.

the amount of sodium bicarbonate.


two pieces soft cloth.

الطريقة Method:

Preparation of ingredients and add an appropriate amount of sodium bicarbonate to the amount of half a cup of lemon juice and flipping well to obtain a soft wonder.

The dough is distributed to the accumulated fat spots and spots on the alumetal kitchen cabinets surface.

Leave the dough interact with the fat spot and dissolve it for 15 minutes in the case of hard spots.

Place the stains gently with a piece of sponge or soft cloth.

آثار The effects of the dough and fat are then wiped with a cloth dampened with water and well squeezed.

Thealumetal kitchen is dried from any liquid or moisture using a soft, dry cloth.

  • Vinegar:

المكونات Ingredients:

cup white vinegar.

cup water.

two pieces soft cloth:

الطريقة Method:

Add two cups of white vinegar to a glass of water and mix well.

A soft and clean cloth is placed in the mix and its age.

Thealumetal kitchen cabinets are then cleaned from inside and outside.

If there is a fat spot you can leave the mixture for at least ten minutes and then rub it.

Dry the kitchen cabinets completely using a soft cloth and dry.

You can use this mixture in daily cleaning of the alumetal kitchen.

  • Sodium bicarbonate :

المكونات Ingredients:

Three tablespoons baking soda or sodium bicarbonate.

hot water spoon.

Cut soft cloth.

الطريقة Method:

Prepare the ingredients and add a tablespoon of hot water to three tablespoons of sodium bicarbonate.

Mix the ingredients well until you get a cohesive paste.

Place the dough on the spots of accumulated fat spots and leave it for 15 minutes to dissolve the spot.

Rub the spot gently with a soft cloth.

Wipe the paste and spot with a soft, wet, and well-washed cloth.

Dry the alumetal kitchen using a soft cloth.

  • Vinegar and lemon:

المكونات Ingredients:

Two tablespoons of white vinegar.

cup lemon juice.

The amount of baking powder.

hot water.

bottle sprayer.

two pieces soft cloth.


الطريقة Method:

Add vinegar to the baking powder and lemon juice and mix well.

Then mix the mixture with a sprayer bottle filled with warm water.

Boil the bottle well until the ingredients are completely mixed.

ب The fat stains are sprayed in the alumetal kitchen cabinets by mixture and left for 10 minutes.

The area of ​​the spot is rubbed with a soft toothbrush until it is completely removed.

آثار The stain and mix effects are wiped with a soft cloth that is wet and well-rounded.

Dry the alumetal kitchen using a soft cloth.