Picking Out The Best Hotel Mattress For Your Customers

Everyone has different tastes, comfort levels and needs when it comes to sleeping in a hotel room. It is nearly impossible to find a hotel mattress that will fit every need. Since most hotels have a lot of different people sleeping in the same beds over time, you are going to please some and not please others. It is not reasonable to have several kinds of mattresses available, so the best bet is to find a hotel mattress that is somewhere between the extremes, and has a little of everything your customers might need.

It might also be tempting to get the cheapest mattress possible, and in a budget or cheap hotel, that might work. But if your hotel has even a couple of stars, you are going to want to offer your guests more than very basic quality. The bed is probably the most important thing in a hotel room, so it might be a good idea to actually spend a little more on a good quality mattress.

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Mattresses come in many kinds. It is a good idea to get one that is water resistant and stain resistant, as there will likely be coffee spills and other things that could get your mattresses dirty.

The level of firmness or softness is going to be the tricky part of picking out a hotel mattress and suitable box springs. A firm mattress is harder and has very little give when people lie down. This is good for some people, but it can be uncomfortable.  There are plush or soft mattresses that have plenty of give and are soft, but too much is not a good thing either. 

There are also pillow top mattresses that are the softest. These are great for people who want comfort but don’t need a lot of support. While these looks great and feel great, there are a lot of people who would not be comfortable in this type mattress, so it would be good to not go too far in this direction.

A hotel mattress should try to have a middle ground when it comes to a firm or soft consistency. It should be firm enough to support most people, yet soft enough to offer comfort. Consider also that people may be sitting on the bed, or couples may be enjoying some special times, which would lead you to choose a firmer hotel mattress.

Another possibility would be to get some different kinds of hotel mattress and see what your customers think. As them to rate the different types of mattresses. That could give you an average, or some data that could help you make some decisions on buying hotel mattress for your operation.