Pest Control Measures for a Better Living

Pest control is the method to eliminate or control the invasions of pests, insects, rodents and other such creatures in our daily life which cause damage and can be fatal in some cases too. Powerpestcontrol is applied in almost all places and under many conditions. Specially formulated chemicals are used for different kinds of pests and there are various methods devised to keep them in check and to limit the extent of their spread if not controlled completely.

Many pest control companies are prevalent in almost all towns and cities providing annual maintenance schemes for houses, offices, residential complexes, commercial and industrial outlets to keep these pests, insects and other unwelcome creatures out of the specified areas. The services provided by them and the methods used are very scientific and effective. A detailed description can be found at

Agricultural Pests

Agricultural pests are a serious threat to the crops and can cause widespread damage if not controlled in time. Natural or organic methods of pest control by conserving the natural enemies of pests like fungi, bacteria, and viruses already existing in the crops is a very common practice used to protect the crops from the harmful effects of chemical pesticides. But the application of insecticides also becomes a requisite from time to time.

Household Pests

Household pests like flies, mosquitoes, cloth moths, carpet beetles and cockroaches can be easily kept in control by using the repellents available in the market. But for the more severe ones like termites, bed bugs and borers, special chemical treatments are needed to keep our houses, offices, and buildings free from damage. Safe, effective and innovative methods of pest control services are prevalent to help deal with these situations.

Urban world is also highly inundated with rodents, cats, lizards and other such creatures which may adversely affect our daily lives. Regular pest control measures are needed to keep them from invading the normal functioning of human lives. It is a very common and important practice to spray insecticides through fumigation processes to keep away disease-causing insects at bay.

Pantry Pests

Pantry pests are another very harmful section of the pest colony which can infect our food and have serious aftereffects like diarrhea, dysentery or food poisoning. Using insecticides for food is not a very good idea and hence alternative methods such as freezing or heating are used to get rid of them. These processes naturally kill the insects which can later be removed.

Garden Pests

Homes today are generally accompanied by a small terrace garden or a backyard for a green and relaxing addition to the house. But most of these green pastures turn into homes for garden pests like ants, termites, aphids, flies, mosquitoes, wasps, bees, rats, snails, etc. Most of these add to the nuisance factor in the garden but some may cause serious damage to health and surroundings too. Insect stings may pose a threat at times and cause rashes and other side effects.

However, there are also a few garden pests which can actually be beneficial such as ladybugs, midges and praying mantis. They are garden pest predators and can help to destroy other pests. Another way of keeping away garden pests is to grow insect-repelling plants such as thyme, coriander, basil, and chrysanthemums. In addition, many environment-friendly, non-toxic garden insecticides are available for the upkeep of your garden.