Perfection of Pool Paving Now

Many owners of summer cottages dream about the pool, but they think they cannot cope with such a difficult business on their own, and not all are capable of attracting a team of masters for financial reasons to build it. There is a perennial poll: “What to do?”. Of course, do not despair and try to fulfill your dream and how we can tell you about it.

Swimming pool at the cottage

In our time, the pool in the country is not a luxury but a common phenomenon. There are several options for equipping the pool in the country, so each owner can choose the type of construction, based on the available amount of money. To accomplish this task, you can buy a ready-made bowl made at the factory or all from and to make with your own hands, as it will be convenient for you. The wholesale pool pavers are essential about these matters.


Acrylic basin bowl withstands low temperatures

Capacities for creating pools in the factory are usually made of plastic or acrylic. Of course, the latter is preferable, since on the plastic in the climatic conditions of our country, cracks and chips can form, which will lead to a short exploitation period. Acrylic bowls for swimming pools withstand low winter temperatures and have a high level of strength.

Plastic pool bowl

When choosing the location for the arrangement of the pool in the country, it is important to adhere to the following rules:

  • The building should be located in a remote location from garden trees, beds with vegetables and flower beds
  • The bathing complex must be placed in close proximity to the water supply
  • The shape of the pool during the work independently is better to choose the classic – round, oval, rectangular or square, to realize this project without any problems and unrest
  • Construction of the pool by cast-in-situ concrete casting: features and stages for the work with their own hands

Building a swimming pool with your own hands on a concrete foundation will take you quite a lot of time and you will have to work hard at fame. But the construction of this complex alone will give you an unspeakable pleasure, when you see the fruits of your work first hand. And in the eyes of family members, relatives and friends, your authority will increase just to the skies. So, are you ready to start building a swimming pool? Then go for it. You will have the support of the tile store now.

Excavation digging

Construction of wooden formwork

The entire perimeter of the excavation is laid with wooden boards and reinforced with a bar to increase the level of reliability. Then, it is possible to further strengthen the future walls of the basin by filling the concrete solution with small gaps between the ground and wooden formwork.