Perfect respite from the Mosquitoes Now

Mosquitoes are downright deadly for humans. Every year, the mosquito kills nearly three million people worldwide. To know all about this flying and irritating insect, one thing to do, read this article. You will know everything: Mosquito life, mosquito manners, how to protect yourself and how to eliminate it.

What’s The Use Of The Mosquito Except To Annoy Us Night And Day?

We can legitimately ask the question. It is one of those terrestrial species that we do not understand – at first sight – not the role in our ecosystem (a bit like the panda, herbivorous bear of its state, which does not even regulate the local animal fauna, since it passes its time sitting at work with bamboo, nice mentality).

Is The Mosquito Only A Blood Sucking Insect?

The mosquito (otherwise called Culicidae), born as an aquatic larva, usually develops in stagnant water (pond, pond, puddle, stream edge). Once an adult, he becomes an aerial insect. There are different types of mosquitoes: aedes (ex: tiger mosquito), anopheles and culex.

First and foremost, it is a pollinator that feeds on the nectar of flowers. Only females, once fertilized, seek to fill themselves with blood (animal or human). It will serve as a protein pantry for eggs soon laid.

How not to attract mosquitoes?

  1. Turn Off The Light At Night?

Useless, the mosquito is not one of the insects sensitive to artificial light. He is attracted by CO2. It’s a shame, because we release a lot. Window or door open, light extinguished or not, the mosquito will head inexorably towards this source from which massively escapes the carbon dioxide (he finds it up to 30 m away, as much to say it right away: you are damn).

This information is important if you find yourself in a cloud of mosquitoes during a bucolic stroll or simply during a meal on your terrace or balcony: do not move to chase them, you will naturally produce a lot of CO2, so that attract even more.

  1. Have An Impeccable Body Hygiene?

Yes, it can help. When the mosquito is on a CO2 emission zone, it seems that its choice is then based on a body odor and the heat emitted (and not more or less sweet blood of the victim).It seems that his choice is then made according to a body odor and the heat emitted.

So do not hesitate to take a good shower before bedtime: in addition to reducing your chances of being sucked during the night (the mosquito sucks with his stiletto, the bee stings with his dart), the freshness will favor your fast falling asleep.

Research has been done and it turns out that some human skin emits pheromones that naturally attract mosquitoes. Shower or not, if your skin is compatible with the tastes of mosquitoes, how to say … no bowl!

  1. Hunting Water Rotting Around Your House?

Yes, twice yes. As mentioned in the preamble, the mosquito larva develops in stagnant water. After each rain, empty anything that can hold water, old tire, flowerpots, bucket, etc. and if you cannot empty the rainwater because the container is too heavy or bulky, cover it with an airtight cover or cover. To kill them to a substantial level now you can call the mosquito control services in hartford ct. They are the bests in the trade.