Packing and moving? Tips to be followed rigorously

You have all heard that the moving was one of the most important sources of stress for the people all round the globe. And therefore we have provided with the most pertinent tips that are extremely relevant.

Look for a mover beforehand and do not settle easily without comparing

The key word is “organization” a move is prepared a few weeks in advance for many reasons. First you will not find a good mover if you take it only a few days before departure. In addition, you may need a storage or self storage, which also often have busy diaries. Finally, if you are moving in the spring or summer, it is essential to plan the date of your move well in advance so you do not have to take a lesson. When it comes to Commercial Movers, one will always have to choose very carefully. By asking several quotes and comparing several movers, you will learn a lot of things, can choose much more easily and more safely your mover.

Take the time to sort before moving

The first thing to do (as a family, if you live in your home several) is to sort. If you live in a home for a long time, the move is the unique opportunity to sort and sort  get rid of everything you do not need especially what you have not used in years, which has no market or sentimental value. Sorting will allow you to throw away or give away a good portion of your belongings, and sometimes save a lot more by reducing the volume of things to carry. Indeed, even if you negotiate with a quality mover it will always cost you less to have less property, so think about it!

Have the movers you want to compare come to your home

By bringing movers to your home to get a detailed quote in writing, you avoid the risk of forgetting to list some of the goods you are going to move, the ones they will have to dismantle or pack, for example.



Request a detailed quote in writing

During their visit, ask the movers to show you the different types of move they offer (at most experienced and quality movers, you can choose between an economical move, standard or luxury) to make your choice knowingly.

Look for advice on the mover you want to choose

You are going to entrust the movers with a part of your life, so it is essential to look for references or verified reviews, because a good salesperson can sell you anything. The best reviews are obviously those of friends or acquaintances because they will tell you the truth and you will be sure that it is not about false opinions written by the mover.

Do not choose a mover whose quote is strangely low

Unless he gives you very good reasons (and in general there are few because the main cost of a move is that of labor), do not choose a mover whose price is substantially lower than its competitors, because there is no doubt a problem  its staff may not be declared, or it is not well insured.