Office Fitouts – Plan Ahead and Save More!

An engaging and well planned office fitout can offer a wide range of benefits to your employees and business. Carrying out office fitout project is a large expense and can be stressful if not well managed. The first step for successful office fitouts is to plan carefully. Here we have mentioned few tips on planning and saving on your project.

Planning Tips

Set Your Project Goals

You need to analyse what you exactly expect from the project. Do you need to reinforce your branding? Is it for motivating your employees and increase their productivity by giving them a better work environment? By listing your project goals, you can discuss them with the Perth office fitouts company.

Prepare a Checklist

You need to prepare a list containing all the requirements that you need along with the corresponding timelines. Whether you need a new office with new fixtures, or whether you need an architect to consult regarding your office’s design, etc. you need to list all these things to keep your project organised.

Don’t Compromise On Quality

Today, in the market you can find furniture and fixtures that vary in quality and cost. It is not wrong in buying the items that cost less, but it may lead to finding the ones with low quality. So it is always recommended to check the quality of the item before considering its price.

Safety First

Before starting the office fitouts in Perth WA, you need to make sure that all the safety concerns are addressed including the proper placement of fire extinguishers, smoke detectors,sprinklers,and other equipment for safety.

Tips on Saving Cost on Office Fitouts

If you are planning for a limited budget project, you can do an office fitout by following a few cost-saving tips mentioned below:

Walls and Ceilings

  • Keep an Open Plan and Minimise Partitions
  • If partitioning can’t avoid partition, make it a solid one and use fewer glass panels
  • You can opt for T-bar ceiling grid instead of a solid plaster ceiling
  • You can use paint on wall surfaces instead of using wallpaper, acrylic, or timber


  • You can use carpet tiles for floor finishes as it gives pattern and colour. Also, it can be easily replaced when damaged
  • If you are considering hard flooring, ask the office fitouts Perth team on how the floor will look

Lighting and Power

  • Using LED lights will be costly upfront; however, it will help you save in the long run
  • You can use the equipment that consumes less power

If you have a grid ceiling in your office and it has lots of Fluorescent lights, only replace the tubes