Need Asphalt Paving Work Performed? What to Look for in a Paving & Asphalt Contractor

If you need a private road, driveway or walkway built, you may be looking to hire a Houston paving & asphalt contractor. However, there are many companies out there who offer these services. This can make it challenging to zero in on just one company to help you with your task. When you are looking to hire this type of professional, here are a few of the factors you need to look for in a paving & asphalt contractor. 

What Type of Paving Work They Perform

One of the first factors to consider when you are looking to hire a paving contractor is what type of paving work they perform. Some contractors perform concrete paving work, some offer asphalt paving and some companies offer both. In addition to this, some paving companies only offer repair services, while other companies offer complete installations and repairs. Always ask what services a company offers and ensure those are the services that best meet your needs. 

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What Their References Have to Say About Them

Another important factor to pay attention to when hiring  a contractor is what their references have to say about them. Always ask a paving and asphalt contractor for at least three references that have had work done by the contractor. Ask them if they were pleased with the work, if they had any issues with the contractor and if they would recommend the contractor to their family and friends. Then listen closely to their answers. This will tell you a lot about the contractor, their work ethic and the quality of the work they do. 

How Much They Charge

The last factor you need to pay attention to when hiring a paving contractor is how much they charge. Before you hire a company, always obtain estimates from a few different companies. These estimates will help you determine if a contractor is reasonably priced or if they charging more than is reasonable for their work. When you obtain estimates, always ask what is included in the estimate and what other elements may not be included, including seal coating, extra fill dirt, or hauling away old materials.