Moving checklist 101

The organization, organization, and more organization. That is crucial for every relocation. The first step in this demanding task will be creating the moving checklist. Since the moving process requires a lot of planning and thinking about every little thing, creating a good moving list is crucial. That way, you will have everything under control and you won’t overlook anything.

How to create a moving checklist?

You should know that creating a good moving checklist will require time. It may take a couple of hours or maybe a whole day. You need to take your time and write down every important step. If you hurry, there is a bigger chance that you will forget something. You will understand the magnitude of how big a task relocation is when you start to make your moving checklist.

There is no universal way to make a moving checklist. You should make it on your own preferences. It needs to be easy to read and easy to organize. You can make a checklist using the electronics or by writing it down by hand.

  • Making a moving checklist using electronics – If you are a fan of the new technologies then you can make your moving checklist very easy. You can download a moving checklist or you can make it yourself using the basic Word programs. If you are familiar with the Excell program, that will be the most suitable program for creating a moving checklist. Office Word program or any other program that you are accustom to will also work just fine. Make your moving checklist in the form of the table sheet, so it will be more transparent.

  • Writing it down – If you are one of the people that like to make lists by hand, all you need is a pen and a notebook. Make a moving checklist in the form that is visually most appealing for you. Don’t be afraid of the colors – mark every title with a different color. When the task is done, check out the item from the list or cross it over.  

Items that your moving checklist has to contain

Before you start to work on your moving checklist, you should know that it needs to contain several important lists. If you write all the items in one long list, that will create a confusion. So dividing it into different sections is the right way to go.

Lists that your moving checklist has to have:

  • Detailed budget plan
  • The inventory list of all your belongings
  • Packing plan
  • List of all important moving dates.

Budget plan

Before you can do anything else, you have to know how much money will your relocation cost. That is why you have to prepare your moving budget. List all the costs of the moving process, make a budget plan and include it in the moving checklist as a first item on the list.

The list of all your belongings

Going through your things and deciding what item will you relocate will have a great impact on the cost of your move. The weight of your things is usually the biggest parameter for determining the cost of transportation of your belongings. You should go through your home and sort out what things you don’t longer need or you want to donate.

When you separate the belongings that you are relocating, write them down into your moving checklist.

Making an inventory list of all of your belongings will give you a sense of what the transportation will be like. That way you will know how big of the truck and how many helpers will you need for loading and unloading.

Needless to say that hiring a professional moving company to conduct your relocation is always the best choice. When you put your move in the hand of experienced and reliable experts such as Big Apple Movers NYC, you will be more relaxed and stress-free.

Making a packing plan

Packing your home is one of the most stressful parts of the relocation. In order to make it easier, you will need a packing plan.

Make a list of your things by the order of packing. Write down which household items will you pack first, and which one will come at the end.

Before you start to pack your things, you will need packing supplies. It is recommended to make a list of those supplies. That way you will have everything at the reach of your hand and you won’t waste precious time going to the store in the middle of the packing.

You can easily overlook some basic stuff like a duck tape, so making this list is always a good idea. Aquire all the necessary supplies before the packing day.

That list of packing supplies should contain:

  • Dolly or a hand truck
  • Boxes of all sizes

    • Protective packing material – moving blankets, packing paper, packaging foam, fabric or bubble wrappings, protective floor pads.

  • Scissors

    • Tapes and ropes – duck tape, shipping tape, tape dispensers, bungee cords, rope, tie-downs, and twine.

  • Sticker labels or masking tape

When you start to pack your belongings, you will see on the spot does all of your things will fit into your new house, or you need to store your items in a warehouse for time being.

The list of the moving dates

When you start your relocation process, you will see how time-consuming the moving really is. That’s why the planning is crucial. There will be many dates to remember when you are moving, so make the list of the moving dates and incorporate it in your moving checklist.

Write down:

    • Packing day date – Date when you will pack your items or the date when the packers arriving if you have hired them.

  • The date when the movers are arriving
  • Date of the moving day
  • Date when your belongings should arrive at your new home