Maintenance of annual air conditioning system

The maintenance is recommended, minimum, once a year and if it is possible to carry out each change of operation mode. Every time you change the appliance from cold to heat and vice versa. In this way you ensure correct operation every time the operating season of the equipment begins, basically in summer, when the heat arrives, and in winter, when the cold arrives.

It depends on the use that you give to the device, since it is not the same a computer that works only a few hours a day than a computer that works the whole day, like that of an office. The latter must be serviced more frequently, for example every 3 months.

Why need maintenance or repair?

One thing you must know is that, periodical maintenance is necessary for complex mechanisms such as refrigerators, air-conditions, auto-engines, heat exchangers, complex and heavy duty machines etc. Time to time they provide their services and after that they get old. Often they need to change their basic parts, oils, gas etc. So, they can perform their job for the next 3-4 years easily. This is done so that they can perform well. This is more like human health checkup in every year to know that they are okay, their health condition, if they have any diseases or going through with any, or is there any chance for disease etc.

Why? Because you need to run a full diagnosis (periodical maintenance) to know if there is any problem in the mechanism, to work as it is new and to avoid further future loss or heavy expenses. It is better to get periodical air conditioning maintenance or quality repairing better than buying a new one. This saves money – unless you are Bill Gates.

Residential wall split A/C

They are the most common equipment nowadays because they have many advantages compared to window and are relatively cheap.

The unit that contains the compressor is on the outside of the building, this unit is designed to be out in the open and in fact the more fresh air you give, the better. It is also advisable to locate it where it can provide shade while the equipment is being used, this will help to improve the energy consumption. The indoor unit is in the room to be conditioned, and together with a thermostat that will help you regulate the temperature complete the cooling circuit.

Professional service

The most frequent breakdowns in domestic wall Split air conditioners are – the desired temperature is not maintained. There is a very unpleasant smell. Skip the differential when the air conditioner is turned on. The digital display shows an error. It expels air at room temperature without becoming cold. The Split loses water. A red alarm LED lights up. If you find any of these faults, call the experts.