LVT Flooring – What you Need to Know

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Vinyl flooring has been around for years but has often been seen as inferior when compared to carpet, wooden flooring, or laminate. Indeed, it could be argued that it was the joke of the flooring world. This was before luxury vinyl tiles (LVT), though. These tiles have caused an increase in the popularity of vinyl flooring throughout homes and commercial spaces. Read on to find out why others are embracing LVT flooring and how they could improve your space.


Luxury vinyl tiles are coated with a layer of polyurethane, which means that the tiles are pretty much resistant to scratches and scuffs. Laminate or wooden flooring, on the other hand, is easily scratched, and while simple scuff marks can be removed it takes a lot of work and really isn’t ideal. If you spill something on your luxury vinyl tiles you can simply wipe it up, unlike carpet where you will be scrubbing for hours and hours. Vinyl flooring also offers water resistance and benefits from anti-slip properties.

The Designs

One of the main reasons for the growth in LVT flooring is the range of designs available on the market. When it comes to choosing luxury vinyl tiles for your home or commercial space you are really spoilt for choice. If you like wooden flooring, you can choose a wood effect that looks extremely realistic and there are also ceramic designs or stone. You can choose a flooring that resembles natural materials, looks amazing in your space and yet, is incredibly easy to care for and often cheaper than the look they are replicating.


One of the main benefits of LVT flooring is that it can be fitted in any room of your house. The water resistance of the material makes it ideal for a kitchen or a bathroom but it also wouldn’t look amiss in your living room or bedroom, and it can even be fitted on stairs. Installation of luxury vinyl tiles is incredibly easy, so much so that the regular DIY enthusiast is more than capable of installing it without professional help. Some tiles are self-adhesive, whilst some need to be glued down but either way, you can be assured that you will be able to create yourself a decent flooring if you opt for luxury vinyl tiles.


Luxury vinyl tiles have a huge benefit over floors made with natural materials or laminate flooring because they offer warmth. The tiles, generally, are warm to the touch, which contrasts directly with other types of flooring that can be cold and not pleasant to walk over in the colder months. With vinyl tiles, you can enjoy a regulated temperature which means that even on the coldest, mid-winter night you will be able to walk across your floor without shoes on. LVTs are also compatible with both water and electric based under-floor heating systems. They are also thinner than other types of flooring which means that the heat from these systems passes through to the surface well, making the flooring even more comfortable and offering optimal heating of your space.

LVT flooring is a must have for all spaces and homes. It’d be very clever to invest in some.