Living in Dubai- The Complete Guide for Investors

It is a lucrative affair while planning to live in a City like Dubai. So what exactly does it feel like living in Dubai? As a direct result to the good return on investment which includes zero or no property taxes and many more, Dubai has witnessed a massive inflow on foreign investors.

The unique experience offered by Dubai life, the city has a great number of experts taking in concern with its safety guidelines. Today, we bring to you a unique guide which reveals all what you should know prior of moving into this enormously amazing city.

Geographic Demography

Dubai is located on the Persian Gulf in the northeast of the United Arab Emirates and is one of the seven Emirates of the UAE. With a population of 3.03 million as of 2018, Dubai is the second largest emirate and has an urban area of 3885 sq km. with the addition of the man-made islands; the Waterfront, the three Palms, the World, the Universe, Dubai land as well as the constructions in the desert, it is sure to expand to twice of that of the size.

Climatic Conditions

Dubai is located in the Northern Desert and has a tropical desert climate. Throughout the year you are sure to be mesmerized with its glorious sunshine and cloudless blue skies which circumvents round the year.

It is also well-known for its sandy beaches and aqua parks. During the summer with the temperature reaching to sometimes beyond 40 degree Celsius, the city can really get hot sometimes. During the winters the average temperature shows a drop below 20 degree Celsius.

Society with Lower-Tax

Dubai is the popular tourist destination as it does not impose income taxes or property taxes and is also lenient with its tax policies. The country is now collecting VAT on some goods and revenues in other forms such as the parking charges and similar means, though Dubai is known to be a tax-free country.


Dubai provides a high-level transportation system. Among the transportation means, it includes taxis, water bus, metros, trams and even luxurious air travels such as the helicopter which is now popular.

Because of the high quality and modern infrastructure in which the city is built upon, is how this transport means are now made possible. Transportation is made even faster and efficient because of its 12 lane high way roads. Hailing a taxi from a mobile application is also a convenient mode of transport with the invent of the latest technologies.

Security Means

When it comes to the means of security, Dubai is considered to be one of the safest and secured cities in the world. As a regard to its rigorous law enforcement, Dubai’s crime rates measures to be the lowest of all. To make sure to drive crime away way beyond the city, it has strict and punishable laws which are feared by most. This way, even the tourists feel much safe to be in Dubai than they feel in any other country or continent round the globe.

Medical Advancements

Hospitals and clinics centers provide world level treatments and services. Though the medical services are great and their prices are justifiable, so make sure that you a medical insurance beforehand to cover up the costs prior arriving to this city.

Real-Estate platform

The city’s investors in properties have noticed a steady growth over the years, as Dubai’s real estate platform is one of the biggest in the world now. And this has been noticed according to the Expo 2020. As the prices are well below the current market price and also the developers involves a great off plan and incentives, the investors are greatly interested and primarily focused to find property in dubai. Even the banks offer payment plans which are best suited for your pockets.

Places to Live in this Amazing City

There are numerous locations from which one can choose from, when planning to invest in properties in dubai and move to the city. While choosing a property for your work locations or a school for your children, there are several factors which one needs to consider first. For anyone who is planning to relocate in this wonderful and amazing city, we bring to you a list of locations and places from which you can choose from:

  1. Palm Jumeriah

Palm Jumeriah is considered as one of the UAE’s most epic and exquisite creations attracting tourists from far and beyond, as it is known as the one of the world’s eight wonders.

  1. Business Bay

Business Bay covers 46.9 square feet comprising high-end offices, business avenues and luxurious residential properties and is considered to be the heart of Dubai’s commerce. With its advantageous location it allows an easy commute in the city.

  1. Dubai Creek Harbour

Overlooking the Dubai skyline from its location in Ras Al Khor and incorporating multiple creative projects and plans which are truly envisioning a bright future for Dubai and is considered as the future city of Dubai.

  1. Dubai Marina

Possessing the title of the world’s largest man-made marina, it is one of Dubai’s grandest business ventures.

  1. Dubai Hills Estate

With a peaceful, eye compelling, serene scenery, Dubai’s Hill Estate is a lovely ambience to endure to.  This is an ideal gateway for family as well as for living and it is in the center of Dubai.