Know about different type of custom closets and their features

There are several types and characteristics of Bayou Closets LLC, so as we have just commented, choosing one or the other will depend on the study of these characteristics and a self-assessment.

Different types of custom closets

The custom closets can be classified, basically, in:

  • Embedded, which are those that, as its name suggests, are embedded in the wall, making it appear that they are not there.
  • Exempt, which are those that are part of the furniture of the room, that is, they are one more piece, like a small table or the dresser.
  • Dressing room, a well-defined space, even a room that makes a closet.

Characteristics of each wardrobe

Of course, we will not talk about all the characteristics of the cabinets in terms of design, usability, etc. otherwise we will treat the characteristics that make them belong to one type or another.

Built-in wardrobe

The built-in wardrobes are built- in and integrated into the wall, as is the case with the old pantries. Logically, they also take up space but when they are hidden (they usually occupy a whole wall, from one side to another and from floor to ceiling) they do not seem to be there, offering a greater sense of spaciousness.

It stands out how well distributed they are, it is normal that the cabinets are made to measure, taking into account the tastes and needs of the people who use it.

You can choose a design or an environment that allows the wardrobe to integrate with the wall, or on the contrary, take the style of the rest of the furniture, offering a very interesting visual effect when the whole wall is combined with the furniture.

Exempt cupboard

These are loose pieces that occupy a space in your room, as do the rest of the furniture. The designs of exempt cabinets are practically unlimited. Wood of any type and color, steel, fabric, decorative finishes, bright, matt, frills, veins, childish appearance.

Of course, there are several sizes, so you can always choose the one that best suits your needs.

The inconvenience that they present is that they visually occupy an important space in the room, but hey we can always find the right place where they least attract attention.

Walk-in closet

It is a cabin wide enough so that you can get inside, with your clothes, to get dressed. It can also happen that we simply have a room available and we have converted it into a walkable dressing room.

Of course, the dressing closets take advantage of the space, including high areas, low and corners.

The negative, to put it in some way, is that they require good maintenance, they involve a high non-recoverable expense and, of course, you will lose a room in your home to ride it.