Kitchen Remodeling On Any Budget

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The process of kitchen remodeling updates the style of a kitchen, makes it more functional, and increases the value of the home. Homeowners with plenty of financial resources can hire an interior designer, pick out the best of everything without a second thought to cost, and have the kitchens of their dreams. Some owners plan and save for a few years to avoid taking out home improvement loans, while others dream of a new kitchen and leave the current one in the same old condition. The truth is, a new kitchen can be created on any budget.


People on an average or tight budget do not have to keep the kitchen as it is now. There are a few factors that can make kitchen remodeling possible without going into debt. One is need. Prioritize features that need to be changed to make the kitchen functional. If the kids are grown, for example, does a kitchen table and chairs need to take up most of the floor space? Perhaps an island with seating on one side will be ideal to provide more preparation space and enough seating.

Another factor is how much do-it-yourself (DIY) work is the homeowner willing to complete to save money on elements. Taking off the cabinet doors and restaining or replacing just that part of the cabinets will save money there so more money can be spent on granite countertops.

Tearing up laminate flooring and installing tiles is a basic DIY project if the sub-flooring is sound. Getting that accomplished without the cost of professionals will leave more money for an electrician to rewire the area and install a new central lighting fixture with a ceiling fan for air circulation.

Local Resources

The final factor is local resources. A one-stop contractor with free in-home design consultations and in-house crews is the perfect resource for kitchen remodeling. A designer will come to the house, measure the kitchen, listen to wants, needs, and budgets, and make recommendations. An estimate is provided for all feasible options. This saves money from the first step.

In-house crews translate to no subcontracting, so costs for any professional installation required will be reasonable. Packages are offered to help save money as well. A large showroom with a variety of brands and styles means kitchen components are available that fall into many price points. The contractor will work with homeowners to complete tasks that are not safe DIY projects, provide materials for tasks that can be done by owners, and coordinate the entire project to ensure it goes smoothly.


Old cabinets were typically designed with doors that opened into shelves that went as far back as possible. The purpose was to provide enough storage space for everyday items, as well as special or seasonal items. The cabinet for the dishes, for example, usually had the holiday or good china in the back and the everyday dishes in the front. The same was true of the cabinet for the baking and cooking pots and pans, canned goods, and even dry goods.

Newer styles are more ergonomically designed with drawers and inner trays that extend out so people do not have to bend and reach for items in the back of the cabinet. The space is organized, functional, and easy to keep clean and orderly. Many empty nest couples opt for these modern designs that make daily living skills safer and more enjoyable. Corner cabinets make better use of space in the case of a small kitchen remodeling and have shelves that revolve in a circle so items can be found and reached quickly.


The walls, trim, and door jams will frame the kitchen whether the style is enclosed or an open floor plan. It is this component of the kitchen remodeling project that will reflect the most personality and taste of the homeowners. Choices in this area, along with what color and style are selected for the ceiling, will dictate if the kitchen appears smaller or bigger than the real size, if light will be absorbed or refracted off the walls, and if the space will be relaxing or energizing.

Bold colors will make neutral cabinets and counters pop. Lighter colors tend to make the space appear larger and brighter than it was originally. Decorative mosaic back-splashes will accent the midline of the kitchen. Designer knobs, bar brackets, pulls, and hardware add personal touches that make guests feel welcomed.

A Focal Point

A focal point can be added with a short wall mural that is wallpaper. These new concept panels are inexpensive, easy to put up, and quite impressive. Stencils, texturing techniques, and patterns can also contribute to an innovative and stunningly beautiful kitchen that is one-of-a-kind. Gather sample colors and patterns, tape the ones that make the shortlist onto the wall and get a sense of which ones strike you. Have fun with the project and enjoy the results knowing there is no debt accrued.