Installing a heat pump is always advisable at the initial stages of house building  

The most correct option is to install a heat pump at the stage of building a house or during an overhaul. The heating system with this type of equipment requires considerable investments, and therefore it is important to make a competent project, to choose and install the entire system correctly.

What are a heat pump and its principle of operation?

A heat pump is a device that extracts heat from energy sources such as air, water and earth, directs it to heat the house and water. Heating systems with heat pump do not depend on traditional types of fuel (gas, firewood, coal, diesel fuel, etc.) they are economical, durable, and safe.

The system consists of three main elements the heat pump itself, the evaporator, the condenser. According to the type of lowpotential heat source, there are three modifications of heat pumps.To know more about Offert Värmepump seek help online and various web portals.

What type of preference

How to choose a heat pump It is believed that heat pumps that transfer heat from the ground have an efficiency factor one step higher than other systems. This is an important factor for facilities requiring a large amount of heat in the heating period, with large heat losses. The airtowater sample pump is attractive for seasonal pool water heating. Often the choice between these two types is meaningless, since airwater has no alternative in situations where there is no suitable land plot. Watertowater heat pumps is distinguished by a high degree of efficiency, but for their installation there must be an appropriate terrain. With the Värmepump Stockholm the opportunities come perfectly.

What to pay special attention to

HP powers a guarantee of efficient, highquality heating. It should be comparable to the loss of heat of the object and the required amount of heat for heating in frost (12 degrees and below).Observe the maximum permissible flow temperature in the heating circuit. If it is higher than 50 degrees Celsius, then radiator heating is allowed, but on condition that steel and aluminium batteries are installed (low inertia).

The efficiency of the device is determined by the thermal coefficient (the ratio of the power of the voltage transformer and the power required for its operation). For example, the coefficient is 4. This means that from a unit of energy we get 4 units of heat (1 kW = 4 kW).

By installing a heat pump, you will significantly save

The cost of the project, equipment and installation will pay off after 6 years.Many ask the question “How to choose a heat pump?” An airtowater heat pump is the best option if your goal is maximum cost savings. In addition, the technology pays off extremely quickly and with minimal investment.When choosing air type equipment, first of all it is necessary to proceed from the object on which the equipment will be installed.