Install LUXAFLEX Awnings to Enjoy Your Outdoor Space in All Seasons

In Australia, we are lucky to enjoy our outdoor spaces almost year around! Outdoor awnings and patio blinds are very useful for providing shade to outdoor areas and making these into all-weather environments.

LUXAFLEX blinds and awnings for your outdoor area provides protection from adverse weather conditions and offer invaluable protection from sun exposure for people in your household, as well as preventing furniture and carpets from fading.

LUXAFLEX awnings have come a long way from the restricted designs and materials of previous decades and with more versatile materials such as spun woven acrylics, a wider range of colours and patterns. These awnings are specially designed with high resistance to natural wear and damage from the elements, offering a longer lifespan.  LUXAFLEX awnings fit windows of all shapes and sizes and are suited for a range of exterior settings, from terraces and patios to large entertaining areas.

Folding Arm Awnings

One of the most popular types of             LUXAFLEX awnings is Folding Arm Awnings which include the Garda, Nisse, Como, Sunrain, Ventura and Ventura Terrace. They come in a wide range of options including,

  • Crank or motorised operation
  • Integrated rain hoods
  • Wind protection systems and
  • Sun and wind sensors

Make Your Outdoor Space More Useable

Installing LUXAFLEX awning makes your living space more usable by creating more shade and shelter. These awnings enable us to enjoy the Aussie sunshine by blocking UV rays that wreak silent havoc with our skin.

Moreover, it adds serves as a stylish and convenient extension to your outdoor area. The modern design, durable frames and fabrics allow you to enjoy the comfort of weather protection when it’s needed, without bothersome poles or post supports.

Benefits of LUXAFLEX Awnings

  • Modern, convenient and aesthetically designed
  • Easy to fold and simple to retract
  • Ideal for both residential and commercial applications
  • Sturdy, durable fabric and excellent design
  • As there are no poles or posts support, it allows you and your guests to move freely under the shade without any disturbance
  • Reliable, tough and made to last
  • Together with window blinds, awnings can block more sunlight and provides heat protection that you need during the summer season.
  • LUXAFLEX awnings make your outdoor space wider and better-looking.
  • Installing awnings in your living area reduce the need to spend money on air-conditioning and heating systems. This results in lower energy bills and saves money.

Awnings and In-home Temperature Regulations

The concept of in-home temperature regulations for many homeowners is associated with air-conditioning and other appliances that promote air-flow. But, LUXAFLEX awnings help you to regulate temperature by controlling the amount of shade that enters your home.

If you are looking for something stylish and functional to maintain a controlled temperature inside your home, then choose LUXAFLEX awnings. Check for more information on LUXAFLEX shutters, blinds and awnings.