In London for the Long Haul? Where’s Best to Live

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London has some of the best places to live thanks to its diversity and versatility. Finding London apartments for rent long term can seem daunting in the beginning, but once you begin house hunting, you’ll realize it’s a fun experience. Whether you want to live in a high-end neighbourhood or a simple neighbourhood with a unique community spirit, there is a place your you in London. As a hub for a wide variety of professionals, London can accommodate you no matter the career path you want to take or are already in.

High-end Neighbourhoods

If what you are looking for popular residents in high-end neighbourhoods, consider house hunting in North London. You can also find newer, more affordable neighbourhood that will offer you elegance and style. There are many excellent places to check out with the perfect ambiance. Even if you are far from central London, there are trains and buses that ply all the routes throughout London. South and North London are excellent for individuals with personal vehicles because you don’t have to worry about missing the train.

Alternative Lifestyles

Artists and hipsters are known to have an adventurous personality, and as such, you should find an area with a lifestyle that matches your personality. As an artist looking for London apartments for rent long term, consider house hunting in East London. There are many affordable neighbourhoods with residents with identical artistic spirit. There are also many upcoming areas with attractive architecture. You get to interact with young people with the same dreams and visions. As an artist, where you live greatly affects your creativity and ability to create new art. West and Central London have ideal residents for individuals venturing into media as well. Consider living close to Hyde Park and other historic locations across West and Central London.

Affordable Accommodation and Exploring London

Are you looking for a place with markets and elegant restaurants to eat out at? Then North West London is the perfect place for you. The markets are stocked for antique shopping, as well as, grocery shopping. If you prefer shopping for food in the market rather than in supermarkets, you can find many markets that offer fresh foods.

With reasonably priced accommodation, you get to save money on rend and spend on entertaining yourself and exploring London. The functional transportation links run throughout London, so you don’t have to worry about being stranded. Consider renting an apartment in booming zones and be part of a new movement.

Aside from affordable accommodation, you also get the opportunity to be part of a place with historic buildings. Also, ensure that the neighbourhood you choose to settle in provides sufficient security and privacy. Even as you seek affordable London apartments for rent long term, remember that safety is much more important.


London is a culturally rich city that can accommodate individuals walking different career path. Whether you are looking for a high-end neighbourhood or affordable accommodation, you can never go wrong with London. House hunting is a fun experience in a city with so much to explore.