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Why do we like a picture of any painting? Although opinions can differ, when a painting or a picture has a strong focal point, vibrant and catchy, it wraps around our brain pretty easy. It gives us a point to look at and makes the whole process of relating and memorizing smooth. A strong focal point lingers. 

Sofa or couch plays the same role in any living room as a focal point plays in any painting. It captures all the attention and lingers in the mind of your guest while giving away a clear picture of your lifestyle. The right kind of sofa is not only furniture but its a declaration of your taste and class alongside showcasing the layers of your social and family life. How ironic? Just a piece of furniture can do all that. That’s why when it comes to choosing a sofa, people take a long time before deciding anything. Although a few of below-mentioned points can make the whole process easier on multiple levels. 

The Rise Of Comfy Factor- It has to be comfy and fluffy. We all know that the sofa is to rest after having a hard and tiring day at the workplace, whichever it may be. It has to be comfortable and inviting. Choose as per your budget but go for the comfiest one. Its looks themselves would define luxury.  

Naturally Inviting- What tugs at our heart in the most natural manner? Most people’s answer would be “my mother’s lap.” That’s why the entire set up should look warm and inviting enough to make you look forward every evening to spend some time cocooned in your favourite blanket doing your favourite activity. 

Easy To Clean- This is not about easy maintenance only. Either it is family, kids or pets someone or the other is bound to spill something on our most precious piece of furniture. To keep it in good shape and shiny as new it is important we choose a material that is easy to clean. It can be washable or wipeable. Either way keeping it clean is important.  

Getting Rid Of Old- Sofa cannot alone hold the whole court possibly. We normally don’t change everything together. We follow the demand. But if you are determined to create a whole new look for your living room change your rugs and vases too. As they are the kings best man and they need a fresh look to turn in into royalty. 

A Touch Of Class- Classy can be of two types. Expensive or any style which has a hint of old in it. A design inspired by the old age furniture always brings out the “X” factor in your home decor. 

Cut The Clutter- Refrain yourself from stuffing your place with small items. Clutter or we may even call it small decorations pieces, normally kill the look of any space. There are so many points to focus its hard to admire anything. The whole thing loses its charm. 

Light To Blow- As you get a new sofa with new rugs try to change the room lighting as well. A tall lamp or a hanging light to lighten up a selective space can enhance the glossy look of the entire set up a lot. It’s slick and comes with the territory. Lighting subtly done can help focus on a certain area which is the prime point of the whole new look.

Something To Admire- Sometimes only one focal point is not enough. We need more. More personal with a better connection. That’s why pictures on the wall. If you are an art fan, your options are unlimited. But if you are not that’s fine too. A few of your favourite pictures are always a great idea. Dedicate one entire wall to the cause. Design it by keeping the displayed colours and emotions in mind. Try to sync everything in rhythm.  

Softness Is Desired- Want to make it welcoming? Make it look warm by choosing soft fabrics and cushions. Don’t just stop being selective at choosing your sofa, try to expand your special interest to rugs, wall hangings and curtains also. Colours also matter a lot along with fabric. Warm colours like red and brown are usually more welcoming but if you have to deal with high temperature on an everyday basis choose accordingly. 

Odd One Out, The Triple “O”- Matching everything in perfect order sometimes kill the thrill. It looks like a life completely pre-planned. But how can we forget the merits of spontaneity? That’s why a piece or two un-matched holds a generous amount of pull. It would not only enhance the feel of personal touch and exclusivity but keep away the boredom too. Like a red vase with the blue theme.

Its Cool To Be The First- Although this notion seems old and troublesome yet, to stand out, we have to be the first ones sometimes. Without other’s experienced guidance, it’s little difficult to choose but if we successfully submit the first review for anything it gives us an exotic edge. Hence, try options which have not been tried and go for things which can be risky for others. 

Big Is Big And Small Is Small- Although in today’s polite#boring society we find it scandalous still, size matters. A sofa too big would bring colossal but if you loose proportion of the size of the place compared to the size of the sofa, your whole planning can go to south in no time. So choose the size as per your requirement, size of the room and other companion pieces which will bring life your room. 

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