Illuminate your house in the right way – Proper lighting is everything!

Lighting is undeniably one of the most necessary decor elements of a home as it can define the ambience of a place. Cozy and romantic, airy and bright, mysterious and dark, the same room can look different when you install different kinds of lights. Whether you choose incandescent light bulbs or candle bulbs, there is always a separate look that can be created with different types of lights. Being an interior designer, you might consider the advice ‘lighting is everything’ as a design cliché but this is true.

To improve the mood and ambience of the rooms of your house, you need to enhance the interiors of your home. Here are few ways in which you can create a home that is well-lit.

Top trends, breakthrough products and inspiring ideas

We’re here to help you throw some light on the few ways in which you can illuminate your home with the top trends, breakthrough products and few ideas on lighting up your home.

  • Consider the design

Rather than viewing the lighting in a practical sense, you should consider it in a versatile form of design element which will complete your space and give your room a sense of completion and soothing element.

  • Structural lights

If you have any idea on what’s the rage these days, you’ll know that structural lights are ‘in’. The structural lights are rather so striking and intriguing that they tend to be works of art in their own way. You may watch out for pieces which are interesting and which have unanticipated finishes.

  • Lantern lamps

Would you want to recreate a feel of a lantern and a hurricane lamp inside your living room? If answered yes, you should get yourself a lantern which has got electric versions and which provide you with dapples quality without the requirement of having to light up candles.

  • Mood lighting

Since your bedroom and living room are spaces where you can entertain and where you wish to get cosiness and warmth, mood lighting is something that is best for your home. Avert using bright overhead lights and choose an amalgamation of pendants and lamps. If you can install standing floor lamps, this will serve a dual purpose of being a beautiful piece of decoration in the room and also offer task lighting. You may even keep a mixture of table lamps, downlights, floor lamps, pendants to achieve different moods.

  • Combinations are ‘in’

One of the biggest trends in lighting till date is the matching and mixing of fittings in various styles, materials, sizes and shapes. You can be bold enough to pair a contemporary light with an antique light as this will give personal layers of interest to the room where you install it. Hence, you can always opt for mixing and matching.

Therefore, if you’re wondering about the different ways in which you can illuminate your home, you should try the above mentioned forms of lighting which can not only add on to the look of your home but also help you light up your house in the best possible way.