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Every person has a dream – a dream to work in a good company, earn a good amount of money, make a name for him/her, start his/her own venture and more. Irrespective of the financial position of a person, one dream that each one of us have is to ‘own a house’ and you try your level best to keep your savings intact so that one day, your dream can be materializedin reality. During the olden times, you were required to have a significant amount of money ‘in-hand’ and very few ‘financial options’ i.e. home loans, etc. were available in order to fund your housing dream. Fortunately, with the advent of technology, advancements in financial & fintech sectors; consumers from different spectrums of the society can apply for home-loans and own a house/flat as per their liking & budget. Once you own a house, you might feel that your battle is won but in reality, the actual battle starts now as you need to find an ‘architect’ who would be responsible for transforming your ‘house’ into a ‘home’!

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It is a normal tendency that once you shift to a new locality or once you have purchased a flat, you start researching the ‘area’ nearby your building/apartment.

There is a high possibility that you might opt for interior decorators from your neighboring area since they are easily accessible, but the downside is that they might not have the expertise or skills required for doing interior-work in your house.

Whether you are located in Pune, Hyderabad, Mumbai; you would always opt for the best interior designers in Pune/best interior designers in Hyderabad best interior designers in Mumbai respectively. This is only possible when you have ‘number of options’ from which you can choose someone who might fit your budget and who has prior work-experience of working on a project that is of similar scale/larger scale than your project.

This is where a platform like IDprop can come to your rescue, as you can find the best interior designers in Pune, best interior designers in Hyderabad, best interior designers in Mumbai, or best interior designers in your city and you can view the architect’s work-portfolio on the click of a button.

Since their team does a verification of the work that is uploaded by the interior decorators, there are minimal or no chances of information being over-amplified in their work-portfolio.

Since there are a number of interior designers who are present on the platform, all you have to do is shortlist the ‘interior designer’ who fits in your budget and whose work has impressed you the most!

This solves the major problem of ‘architect discovery’ and the platform gives you the facility to contact qualified interior decorators over email/call.

Based on your ‘design’ requirements, you need to shortlist the right kind of design for your living room, bedroom, and kid’s room (if any).

Before looking into any design, you should have a detailed look at dimensions of each room and the purpose of the room.

The living room is the place where you would be spending most of your time; either by watching TV/playing games/welcoming guests so, make a blueprint as to what furniture needs to be kept in the living room and what kind of lighting should be there in the room.

Based on your current & future personal plans, you need to accordingly decorate your bedroom and choose a design that is soothing to your eyes.

Wall Paintings, vertical mirrors, etc. are an ideal way to decorate the bedroom and it also brings positivity in you. Though you might know about these basic requirements, it is very important that you consult the best interior decorators in your city since they can transform that blueprint into reality.

As a house owner, you should yearn to return to your house, either from a tiring day at work or from an abroad trip, etc. and it is this feeling that makes your ‘house’, a ‘home’.

Excellent interior work is the key to the making of a ‘home’ and IDprop is an ideal platform through which you can realize your plans 🙂