How to Wet Clean Your Floors?

Wet cleaning is one of the best approaches that has been used by cleaners to make sure that the floors of their offices are clean all the time. Most of the commercial cleaning St Louis utilizes wet cleaning. It is a process that is used to remove any dirt that is attached to the floor. Wet cleaning services should be used in a scenario where dirt sticking to the floor becomes difficult to get rid of. Before using the wet-cleaning services, the cleaning professionals always puts different aspects in mind to make sure that they have achieved the cleaning process within the shortest time possible. Here are a few things you need to know when you are using wet cleaning services.

The Concentration of the Chemical

You should be careful about the amount of chemical that you are pouring out on the floor. It is also good to know that in most cases pouring a large amount of chemical on the floor does not mean that you will have the cleanest floor. In fact, using more chemicals will mean that you are destroying the floor and it will take more time for you to make sure that you have cleaned the floor. Therefore, it is wise to make sure that you have used the required amount of chemicals on the floor. You can hire the best commercial cleaning companies St Louis MO to help you out.

Time for Chemical to Act

This refers to the dwell time of the chemical on the floor before you begin the cleaning processes. There are other chemicals that will begin their action immediately while there are others which will take a long period of time before they begin acting on the floor. Learning the dwell time of the chemical will help you to know the timing and contribute towards having a clean floor. As you can see office cleaning St Louis professionals can help you with the right process of wet cleaning.


The temperature also plays a great role since it will help you soften the surface hence facilitate easy cleaning. It is also recommended that you make sure you have maintained optimum heat that you are using in cleaning the surface. In most cases, the higher the temperature, the cleaner the process. Increasing the temperature will mean that you will double the effectiveness of your cleaning process.

Agitation Ability

Agitation ability refers to the method that you will use in removing the material from the floor either through breaking the material or any other means. The type of pads that you will use to clean the service is important. Make sure that the pad that you are using to clean the surface has the ability to remove all the materials from the floor to avoid wastage of time and having a bad cleaning process.

Commercial cleaning St Louis utilizes wet cleaning process since it is effective and fast. Besides, wet cleaning is cost-effective as compared to the other types of cleaning.