How to Use Led Strip Lighting in your Home


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LED strips have got to be one of the easiest to install, and most versatile lighting products on the market. They’re flexible, dimmable with a dimmer switch and they can come in a wide variety of colour temperatures. They are also incredibly easy to install yourself.

However, it can be difficult to get the imaginative juices flowing when you see them all bundled up on a reel; so we’ve put together some ideas that you’ll want to steal for your own home!

Shelf Lighting

Shelves provide an opportunity to create a decorative feature and utilise the underused surface as an additional wall light. LED strip lights will help to soften the harsh lines of the shelving, whilst also adding depth to the room.

Recessed Ceilings

Rooms that have stunning recessed, coffered and drop ceilings are just screaming for LED strip lights. Creating soft ambient lighting makes the most out of these beautiful sunken architectural features. Strip lights are wonderful for this, their discreet design, flexibility and fantastic longevity make LEDs a beautiful investments that can last for years to come.

Over Mirror

Bathrooms, the often forgotten space – they don’t often have ceilings high enough for statement pendent lighting, so LED strips used in a clever way can add task lighting over the mirror. We always recommend waterproof strip lights for the bathroom.


Plinth Lights

Low-level lighting, such as kitchen plinth lighting is often an afterthought; but they create a look that is subtle but super effective. The softer lighting washes the floor and helps to open up the space – they can be used to highlight the different textures in the kitchen. They provide a clean streamlined alternative to standard round plinth lights and help to add the finishing touch to a contemporary interior.

Reduce TV Glare

There’s nothing worse than watching something good on TV with an annoying glare from a ceiling light or table lamp. Backlighting your TV with strip lights is the best way to avoid this problem.

Headboard & Bedroom Furniture Lighting

Strip lights provide ambient lighting that is ideal for night time reading; strip lighting behind the headboard reduces the need for bedside lamps and can leave you with a stunning minimalist design.

Wardrobe Lighting

Wake yourself up gentle in the morning with subtle LED lights, rather than a glaring ceiling light. By lighting the wardrobe, you’ll still be able to find your clothes whilst the rest of the room stays in relative darkness.


Under Cabinet Lights

Under cabinet lighting provides ideal task lighting to make your kitchen worktops more functional; but they also add in layers of soft ambient lighting to make the space around the kitchen more cosy and inviting.


There are almost endless options when it comes to lighting your staircase with LED strips. You can run the strip down the banister or down the length of the wall, or have horizontal strips on each individual step. Whichever option you choose will create a dramatic modern lighting feature.


Why not take the strip lights in the garden? Waterproof strip lights are the perfect way to warm up your outdoor space with soft ambient lighting.

Now you’ve got some killer ideas for your own home, try to incorporate LEDs to make your home a little brighter.