How to Spruce Up Your Kitchen


Some people are of the opinion that a kitchen is just a place where meals are prepared and thus, it is not necessary to spruce it up. However, the kitchen is the heart of your home; a significant amount of time is spent here making memorable food moments. It should be fun and exciting to work from here. You can transform your kitchen by making small and inexpensive alterations. Visit a kitchen refurbishment company to learn ways about how to refurbish kitchen and see the affordable services they can offer you for a spanking new kitchen.


It can be a time-consuming affair to apply a fresh coat of paint on kitchen cabinets. It is thus best to adopt simple methods that will transform your kitchen cabinets and give it a fresh look while also maintaining their functionality. You can, for instance, change your cabinet’s knobs and pulls to add character to your cabinets. You could also get a kitchen restoration company to change your cabinet doors completely, which can give your kitchen a whole new look in a small amount of time.

New Equipment

Re-equipping your kitchen with newer models of microwave, toaster or kettle, etc. is one of the best ways to give it a new look. You require first to take the measurements of every equipment you wish to replace to avoid going for undersized or oversized replacements. Staying with the same colour theme throughout your equipment will avoid a messy look.

Add Colour

You can change colour in your kitchen without having to replace the cabinets by instead, using fabric. Remove the old curtains and re-upholster chairs to bring in fresh air. You can additionally bring a new twist of colour by using matching throw rugs.

Use of Multiple Task Items

You can spruce up your kitchen by using items that help accomplish more than one function. For instance, you could have a cutting board that also doubles up as a herb planter. This will not only help bring life into your kitchen but will also enhance your meals.

Add Organisational Tools

Your kitchen might be looking dull due to poor housekeeping. Only place the daily essentials on counters while the rest of your kitchenware should be stored away. Floating shelves are a fantastic way to store items that you commonly use. You can also use decorative boxes and baskets placed on top of, say fridges or other unutilised spaces to bring life with their awesome colours. Reorganising items can bring freshness to your kitchen and make it look elegant.

Collect unusual items

You can also change the look of your kitchen by adding unique items that have been repurposed. An old door handle can be converted into a towel rack. Old, eye-catching utensils and other kitchen items can also be used for decorative purposes to bring a vintage look in your kitchen. Indoor-outdoor rags are also an effective way to add pattern and colour in your kitchen.

To really spruce up your kitchen, visit a kitchen restoration company to seek the best options for a real good change to the heart of your home.