How to Sell a Home That Needs Extensive Repair

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Selling real estate in today’s volatile market is a difficult and time-taking process. And if you’re trying to sell a home that needs extensive reconstruction, repair or redesigning, the task becomes even more challenging as you must spend a fortune on getting the house sale-ready before listing it on the market. This may mean months of dealing with contractors when all you really want is to get rid of the property as soon as possible.

If you want to liquidate a home that’s in need of urgent repair and maintenance, here are some tips that will make the project a tad bit easier.

Carry out only the most essential repairs

To save money getting your fixer-upper ready for showings, focus on the essential repair work without which the house won’t stand a chance among hundreds of similar homes vying for buyers’ attention. A leaking roof, a faulty plumbing system, cracked walls, broken flooring—make a list of the work that is absolutely indispensable and leave out others for the time being.

Wait until you have the funds to turn the house around

Real estate trends show that repairing a property and enhancing its aesthetic appeal can increase its value by nearly fifty percent. If you do not have the means to transform your property into a home that someone would want to buy, it is recommended to wait a while and get all the work done gradually over a period of six months or a year. If doing this will fetch you thousands of dollars more, it’s well worth it.

Sell your home as is

Private home buyers will never be interested in a rundown property, so if you’re looking to sell your home without going through the hassle of spending a fortune on repairs and maintenance, you may want to take the alternate route to home selling: Contact a local home buying company and have them visit the property.

These companies are essentially wholesale home buyers that will make you an instant, all-cash offer and buy your house as is, irrespective of its size, age or condition. This means that you will not need to prep the house in the hope of a good price and will be able to sell it way faster than you would through a real estate agent.

Selling to a home buying company in New Braunfels, such as, has several advantages:

  • You get an all-cash competitive offer for your home.
  • If you like the offer, the deal can be closed in less than a week.
  • You need not incur any repair or maintenance costs.
  • There are no agent commissions or fees to be paid.
  • You need not wait for weeks or months for a good purchase offer.
  • You can get out of a tricky situation quick and easy by selling the house for cash.
  • The realtor will do all the paperwork for you.
  • Lastly, you’re likely to get a better price for your home than you would from an individual retail buyer.