How to save energy with an air conditioner

You have many ways to keep your home cool without putting on the air con. However, it comes a time when keeping the air conditioner on becomes inevitable especially when the summer temperatures hit the hundredth mark on a daily basis or the humidity within makes you feel super uncomfortable.

The following tips will help you know how to save energy even when most needed:

Keep the AC lower during the night

The level of conscious cool goes down at night. Thus, you should turn your AC down to ensure that it is running low during the sleep hours. Utilize the sleep mode if your unit has one and this would lower the output on a timer.

Use windows or portable units

If you are working from your house, get a portable cooling/ heating unit. This would spend less energy compared to the whole system. Again, you could try opening the windows to allow free circulation of air. Often, the air outside the room is cooler than inside and this would work perfectly when the temperatures are high inside the room.

Close off vents

Traditionally, the basement of any building is the coolest place. If you try closing all the vents in this lower portion of your home, it would allow the cool air up and thus help in regulating your rooms.

Clean and Service your unit regularly

For optimal performance, you must hire an air con cleaning and servicing company who will be maintaining the system on a regular basis. Cleaning the system is the most effective way to allow that system to perform efficiently and for a long lifespan. Don’t let the dirt settle in the air filters because this may lead to low performance and breakdown.

Check your ducts

There are areas where your ducts run through like the attic. These areas should be properly insulated to keep the air coming in as cool as they can. Again to make air circulation more efficient, ensure that you have an air conditioner cleaning service provider who will be checking the performance and ensure that the system cleanliness is maintained.


Having the lights on for a long time would increase the room temperature. Therefore, when leaving the room or with the benefit of natural light, ensure that the lights are off. It makes a huge difference to turn off the lights and open windows’ saving you energy and maintenance costs.

Energy is the leading expense in most homes all over the country. Any attempt to save energy would go a long way to reduce your expenses at home.