How to Protect Your Driveway Paving this Winter

Whether you have traditional garden paving, contemporary paving, or perhaps are currently still trying to decide what paving to choose, there is no doubt that you will want to know exactly how to look after garden paving during winter and the cold months, when problems are of course much likely to occur. And, with this in mind, today we are here to help, and are in turn going to be sharing tips and advice for all to consider. Here goes…


Winter paving maintenance and care tips!


Choose the best paving – If you have already had your garden paving laid, it may unfortunately be too late, but one of the best tips to ensure that paving can last throughout many winters to come is to choose high quality garden paving that boast durable qualities. One of the best natural stone suppliers to purchase garden paving that lasts from is London Stone, a London based company offering natural stone of all varieties.

Clear and clean-up your paving before winter arrives – Before winter and the icy and treacherous conditions arrive it is important that you properly clear and clean-up your garden paving slabs, eliminating any unwanted debris, weeds and unwanted growths. You will likely be able to completely clean your garden slabs using nothing more than hot soapy water and a stiff brush. You want your paving to look immaculate before the snow and ice comes, and you even need to sweep away any autumn leaves.

Check your paving slabs for damage – You need to inspect all of your garden paving slabs for cracks and emerging gaps, filling in any that you come across. This is because if you leave them over winter they will likely grow larger due to snow and ice expansion. If you want to go even further to protect your slabs, invest in a high quality sealant.

These are only three of the winter care tips that you should be considering this winter too! If you want to learn even more amazing ways to look after your garden paving, do not hesitate to contact your local stone supplier today!