How to Prevent Your Sinks and Drains from Getting Blocked

Blocked drains are a common issue in many homes and often occur at the most inconvenient times. Below are some suggestions on how to avoid blocked drains and the expensive repairs and clean-up that can be associated with a blockage.

Sink Strainers

Food waste is one of the most common causes of blocked drains. When leftover food is scraped into the stainless steel sink and flushed down the drain, it can sit and build up in the pipes and therefore lead to major blockages. A sink strainer is a simple and effective prevention method that, when placed over the drain topper in your sink, will catch any food scraps that would otherwise end up being washed down the drain. However, it is important to note that harmful liquids like oil and grease can still pass through these strainers. It is recommended that oil and grease be collected in a container and disposed of via the garbage, rather than being washed down the drain, as these substances can build up in pipes over time and also have the potential to solidify and block your drains.

Be mindful of what you flush

Generally, most blocked drains are caused by foreign items and substances that have been washed, rinsed or flushed down them. Avoid flushing anything down the toilet that is not meant to go down the drain ie. no baby wipes, nappies or tissues. It also helps to ensure that toilet bowl deodorisers are well-secured, as they have the potential to be knocked in and flushed down the drain, which can create an instant blockage.

Clear out your Overflow Relief Gully

An Overflow Relief Gully (ORG) can be found outside the home on most properties. This is a grated drain that prevents a blocked sewer from overflowing indoors, by directing overflowing sewage away from your home. If your sewer was to back up and your ORG was blocked, the sewage overflow would be forced back inside your house instead. Since they are designed so that you can reach in and remove any build-up, you should clear out your ORG every year as they can often become blocked with foreign matter such as leaves and dirt, potentially leading to larger and more expensive problems in the future.

Call a Professional

If you are finding that your drains are clogging up repeatedly, you should call a professional plumber. The plumbing technicians at Service Today are equipped with advanced CCTV drain cameras to allow them to see inside your pipes and identify the blockage, via a video monitor at ground level. They can then advise you on the best blocked drain solution to suit your problem and work to clear the drain and successfully remove the blockage.