How to Plan your Room: A Guide

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The color of the floor has a major impact on the atmosphere in the house. Did you know that a light floor color gives your furniture more emphasis? And that a dark floor, which attracts more attention of its own, comes into its own when you have a lot of light in the house. Visit to browse through a range of options. If you can use more tips when choosing the color for your new floor, you should definitely read the following three:

  1. Increase or Decrease the Space?

By choosing a different color floor, the room will naturally not grow in centimeters, but it can make a big difference optically. With a large, open space, dark colors or wood types make the room a bit cozier. Examples of beautiful warm floor colors are dark brown laminate floors, dark gray or anthracite PVC floors and anthracite or black carpet.

Do you have a room that is smaller or low ceilings? Then the light floor types are very suitable. They provide a more spacious experience of the same room. Be inspired by the many possibilities in light floor types: whitewash parquet, beige vinyl floors and whitewash PVC floors.

  1. Work from Dark to Light

Do you find it difficult to match the color of your floor to the walls and ceilings? Then you can use the following rule of thumb. In nature you see that the colors are from ground to air, building from dark to light. That natural pattern also feels good when we use it in an indoor space. This means that the floor is darkest; the walls slightly lighter in tone and the ceilings the lightest. In the example you can see how this line of dark-medium light unfolds in the home.

  1. Combine with the Rest of the Interior

A floor is quite atmospheric. Logically so that you choose one that you like. Yet you also have to go one step further than that. Because which furniture will be on your floor soon? Always ensure a natural contrast, in wood type and/or color. Are the color tone of your floor and your dining table the same? Then choose dining room chairs that contrast. That does not always have to be in bright colors. You can also break the whole thing with white chairs and realize the desired effect.

Got Plans? Share them!

Are you planning to buy a new floor? Very nice! If you do it right, you will give your home the perfect foundation for the right atmosphere at once. Let yourself be well advised and also take the ideas about the total interior with you. Only in this way, you are sure that the whole picture will be right. We are happy to help you in the shop. Make an appointment so that we have all the time for you and you can choose with the right home inspiration at your leisure.