How to Pick Hues That Work For Your Home’s Style and Architecture

Are you planning to revitalise the exterior paint colours of your house?  Although neutrals are a safe choice, you can change it and go bold. The right exterior colours can emphasise attractive elements, minimise less appealing features, and change the overall appearance of your home. But, choosing colours for an exterior façade is an overwhelming job. In all aspects, including money, time, and curb presence, it is a big task. So, what colours should your paint for your home’s exterior? Here is what to do.

What colours should you paint your house?

While the interior is about your personal taste, the exterior is all about durability. Yes, it is about protecting the significant investment you have. It is not an easy decision as it impacts the overall appearance of your house. So, don’t rush and be afraid to take a little time with the colour decision. Get help from the painter in Sydney to find the right hues for your house.

Identify your Home’s Style

Though you don’t have to hidebound by tradition, you have to consider your home’s style. Yes, a vibrant collection of pastels may not blend well with a ranch-style house, and bold shades may feel out of place on a Victorian house. So, the key is to pick colours that suit your architectural style, especially when working on classic home designs. As much as your home inspires, your neighbourhood also gives hints about possible house paint colours. Consult with your painter in Sydney and use those shades to achieve the desired look.

Rely on Colour Wheel Rules

Exterior paint colour consists of three hues including a dominant colour for the exterior, for the siding, and for the accent. Determine whether you prefer cool, warm, or neutral exterior paint colours. When you research exterior paint colour combinations, remember the visual impact that your chosen shades will have on your house. If you can’t decide, rely on tried-and-true combinations from the colour wheel.

Consider the size of your house

A home’s size influences how colours look. If you go with dark colours, it can make your house look smaller and in contrast, painting a large home with light shades may look foreboding in the landscape.

Whatever you choose: Test

Once you narrow down possible exterior house hues to several choices, consult with the house painters in Sydney, get samples, and, paint them in large swaths. This is will help you determine whether it blends well with your house or not. If you still can’t decide, get a friend to look at your house with you.

Professional Expertise

Exterior painting is a big project that needs careful consideration, attention to detail, and preparation. Whether you need the second opinion on colours, or prefer to put the painting project in the hands of an expert, residential painters in Sydney can help you.