How to maintain bespoke aluminum and wood windows

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It’s not necessary that just because you live on a street with identical houses that all the houses look alike. You can make your home stand out from the rest by installing new bespoke Velfac windows with composite aluminum and wood frames.

These wood frames can be tailor made to meet your tastes and expectations, to fit any glass window and door size. These bespoke windows are so unique that you can customize not only its size and frame color, but also its locks for no extra charge. This ensures you can install and use the window wherever you want in your home.

Maintenance tips

After spending so much time and money on your bespoke windows you naturally aim to keep them well maintained at all times. Well you will be happy to know that these window systems are low in maintenance.

  • Its outer powder-coated aluminum frame does not need any repainting for its lifetime. So there is no worry about any colors draining. Besides, aluminum is strong enough to resist even harsh weather conditions.
  • Make it a habit to lubricate the joints, handle and the locks of the window with any acid-free oil annually.
  • While the external aluminum sash doesn’t need repainting, an annual cleaning helps retain its shine. You can clean it using a mild rag and something mild like a natural bristle brush, with some lukewarm water and mild detergent. It is good to have a habit of wiping or washing off any paint or wet concrete that may fall on it immediately.
  • While the sash will not be affected much by a scratch, because the aluminum oxidizes to form a layer, it’s important that you repair scratches immediately.
  • When it comes to the inner wood frame, it has a coating of a water-based acrylic lacquer or paint. This prolongs its life, but you still have to dust and wipe clean the frame regularly. Any small marks on it can be repaired using similar acrylic paint or lacquer.
  • Clean all weather seals, gaskets and the glazing bead with a damp cloth. In case of traces on the glass from removed stickers, use meths or any other alcohol based substance to clean it. However use it carefully to ensure it doesn’t come in contact with other parts.

Last, but not least, give the wood frame’s exterior an annual inspection for signs of deterioration of surface treatment. It’s especially needed on the sides facing south and exposed to the sun, in houses situated some place humid and if the windows enclose a building with high humidity. You may even have to clean and maintain these windows more than once a year.