How to Keep Your Outdoor Cushions Looking Like New

When putting up decorations in and around your home, it is not only important to focus on the aesthetic side of it but also on their longevity. This is especially true for outdoor furniture since they are heavily exposed to the elements and varying seasons.

Investing on outdoor furniture obviously requires some budget. So to make sure that you don’t overspend in maintaining them, you have to be smart in choosing the type of material that are durable. This goes not only for the furniture but for the outdoor cushions as well. These beautiful outdoor cushions that comes in different great materials can be yours by visiting Domayne online.

So it’s hard to imagine having these beautiful outdoor cushions slowly getting ruined by mold and decay. Like this modern styled Mackenzie Square Outdoor Cushion. Outdoor cushions are very prone to this due to moisture around the environment. Prevent this from happening by checking these cheaper alternatives in maintaining your outdoor cushions.

Cushion Covers

A small investment now but a long term solution in keeping your outdoor cushions intact. Since the cushion fillings may tend to wither away when they are often soaked, it is a common solution to use cushion covers made of nylon or synthetic plastic.

This makes the outdoor cushions waterproof and is much easier to clean off  in case it gets dirty. You can choose decorative prints or plain transparent ones so the outdoor cushions remain attractive.

Pressure Washer

Every household should have a water pressure washer, because not only does it come handy in cleaning out your garage or your pavement, but it is a revelation in cleaning outdoor furniture and cushions.

You won’t even need any special detergent or liquid solution in cleaning your outdoor cushions with a pressure washer. Just lay the cushions flat on the floor, turn on your pressure washer and shoot away on the stained sections of the cushion.

You will slowly see the color change back to its original shade, like brand new. And the stains, mold and any mildew that the cushion had is blasted away. The initial worry is that the cushion material or its fillings will disintegrate with the water pressure. But it is actually the contrary. The pressure from the washer seeps through the material of the cushion, making it an instant powerful stain remover.

After the power washing, hang your cushions dry and you will see them as if it were all newly bought. If you are not satisfied with just the water and prefer to add more freshness back to the outdoor cushions, you can accompany the power washing with your brand of stain remover soap or liquid detergent.

Proper Storage

If you and your family happen to be going away for a holiday, especially during the colder seasons, the best way to protect your outdoor cushions is to just store them away properly.

This way you won’t have to worry over it getting soaked during a thunderstorm or frozen over during winter time. There are large-sized economical storage bags available in the market that would fit several cushions in one.

Usually made of PVC or plastic, these storage bags would be the easiest option in keeping your outdoor cushions tucked away safe and sound.

So whatever you may decide on as a homeowner, just always keep in mind that maintaining furniture especially outdoor cushions can be taxing. Develop a household routine to regularly check and clean them so you can avoid disposing them sooner than expected because they are no longer useful.