How to Keep Your House Safe While on Vacation

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Summer is in full swing and many people can’t wait to enjoy the exhilarating adventures that await them at their preferred destination. The security of different homes is usually compromised during this period. There is no need to worry once you implement the following tips.

  • Enlist the help of your loved ones

Don’t hesitate to inform your family members or close friends to help you keep an eye on your home. Let them know how long you won’t be around and provide a means to contact you. In case you forgot to stop the mail delivery services, ask them to attend to it and other packages. Ensure that you drop a spare key with them before you travel.

  • Avoid disclosing your plans on social media

Millions of people all over the world keep falling victims to thefts because they tend to overshare on social media. Engaging in this act is very risky as burglars exist online and offline. Wait until you’re back home before sharing those vacation pictures on Instagram and Facebook. In addition, avoid sharing status updates that can give the public a hint about your whereabouts.

  • Store your valuables properly

Homeowners often keep valuables like jewelry, portable electronic devices and cash in their homes while traveling. It’s important to purchase a fireproof safe and keep the items far from prying eyes.  

  • Set timers for the lights

It’s never too late to invest in motion sensing lights and other smart home products that help to boost security. Endeavor to set timers for controlling both indoor and outdoor lights. This will discourage burglars from perpetrating their evil acts. It’s ideal to stick to a routine that’s unpredictable. You can take advantage of mobile apps to control your light systems remotely. Remember to unplug electronics from the power source in order to minimize energy costs.

  • Lock all entry doors

Improving the security of any home starts with locking all the doors and windows. Confirm whether the patio doors, garage door, and other entry doors are not vulnerable in any way and contact a technician if they are in need of a repair. Each entry door should be protected with strong deadbolt locks that are installed by a professional locksmith. Make sure that you keep all your spare keys where it’s difficult for any invader to gain access to them.

  • Hire a house sitter  

Taking this approach will make it difficult for unscrupulous individuals to suspect that you’re not home. Apart from that, ask professionals to handle maintenance tasks such as mowing the lawn around your home when necessary. Some of the tasks that a house sitter can help you to handle include watering your plants, receiving emails and taking care of your pet. Research about the agencies that provide this type of services before you need them.

Prioritize creating a checklist and set reminders as you plan your trip. You will find it easier to remember these handy suggestions and guarantee the safety of your house.