How to Keep Pond Water Clean Always?

For water habitats, it is important to keep the water clean for a quality life, and most of the gardeners are aware of that. Some pond owners may face problems if they don’t know how to keep the quality of the water. Your water may look clear, but your fishes are behaving differently, which means something is not right in your pond. If you have a problem in your pond water, you can call professionals for fish pond cleaning. They have years of experience and skills to clean your pond for a better quality of life for the water habitats.

Following are some tips to keep the water of your pond clean:

  • Healthy Population of Fish Should be Maintained

In 100 gallons of water, you shouldn’t keep more than 10” of fish, else the pond gets over-populated. The wastes of fish will make water imbalance in the pond. The best thing to do in such a situation is to shift some of your fish to a new home. Many will be interested in buying them, such as contractors, pond retailers, etc.

  • Feed Right to Your Fish

When you leave too much food for the fish in the pond water, these foods will remain in the water and get decayed. Feed them only once and day and nothing more than two to three minutes. After feeding remove the access food from the pond water.

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  • Proper Balance of Plants

At season, the surface area of your pond should not be covered or shaded by plants more than 40% to 60%. Due to the process of photosynthesis, plants might create deficiencies of oxygen level if there are too many of them.

  • Pump Size Should be Right

The water of your pond needs to circulate at least once in an hour. Your water when pumped shouldn’t jump higher than it is intended to do and you should take care of your pump’s flow such that no debris is blocking it. Pumps are made with flow limitations. The chart outside the box of the pump will give you an idea of what kind of pump will be suitable for you.

  • Clean Debris Before They Decay

Debris in your pond should be cleaned before they decay. There will be debris, fish wastes and leftover foods in the ponds. So, clean them and add beneficial microbes, for example, Aquascape’s Beneficial Bacteria for clean and healthy water.