How to choose the right Ceiling Fan for Outdoors and Indoors

Choosing a ceiling fan for your needs can be a little difficult. With all the new kinds of fans and different ceilings requiring different fans the whole fan business can get overwhelming! Plus there’s definitely a difference between outdoor modern ceiling fans and indoor ceiling fans. All fans have a UL rating (underwriters laboratories) to determine which fan to use in which location. Finding an indoor fan that matches the theme of your home and appearance or an outdoor fan to increase the all-around outdoor ambiance can be a little difficult. Companies like Crestar-fan aim to make this selection easier for you. So for this, we’ve come up with some simple things that you have to keep in mind while looking for Singapore ceiling fans according to its UL rating.  

Choosing an Outdoor Ceiling Fan

You cannot use an indoor ceiling fan for outdoor purposes purely for the fact that indoor fans are not built to withstand the harsh elements outdoors, like water and wind. They are made with a special and good quality plastic and are also known as ‘All Weather Blades’. Also, the motor cases it with a waterproof seal so they do not rust or corrode anyhow. Outdoor ceiling fans can either UL wet rated or UL damp rated.

UL wet rated outdoor fans: These fans can handle rain, snow, ice you name it all. They can also handle harsh salty breezes and winds from the ocean too. It’s the perfect fan for beating the heat outdoors in the summer. They are to be used on exposed decks and verandas or cabanas seaside. These fans can be hosed down with water to clean and would still work perfectly fine.

UL damp rated outdoor fans: Damp rated fans are more ideal for covered outdoors that are not likely to be exposed directly by extreme sunlight, heavy rains or snow. They can handle moisture and moist areas up to an extent. Damp rated fans are perfect to use in bathrooms, garages, covered patios and porches.

Choosing an indoor fan

Indoor fans are generally made with furniture grade materials and wood which are high in quality but cannot withstand outside elements. Indoor fans come in a large variety of sizes, types, shapes, and number of blades. They come in different colours and designs too. They have a lot many good electronic features as well as control options as compared to the outdoor fans. Indoor fans are UL rated dry fans. These fans are best when placed in bedrooms, dining rooms, and kitchens. They will last longer and have a healthy service life if kept away from damp places like bathrooms and laundry rooms.

Since interior fans can be fancier and designed only for the purposes of aesthetic, It’s important to find the correct fans for the intended locations of use. Once you’re able to do that you will find that your ceiling fans are not proving to be an issue. They will have a longer and healthier lifespan. Check out our ideas and designs on Facebook.