How Many Types of Awnings Are Available in the Market?

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If you want to add style to your home without spending much, awnings are what you need. Awnings are quite popular these days since they can protect your home from sun rays. Moreover, they keep your indoors clean by not allowing dust to enter the house. However, Markiisit are available in various size, design and shapes. This can make it difficult for you to decide as to which type of awning you should purchase. Following section will brief you about various kinds of awnings available in the market and how to choose suitable one out of these. 

Types of Awnings

  • Retractable

These awnings can easily be rolled up or folded. Most of the people opt for these kinds of awnings due to the flexibility they provide. In case, you want to prevent the dirt and dust from entering your house just roll the awnings. One of the best part of these awnings is that they can soak harmful sun rays.

You can mount these awnings to roof or wall. During bad weather conditions, you can put these awnings away. Compared to fixed awnings, retractable awnings require lesser maintenance. These awnings are ideal for decks and patios. 

However, as per users’ feedback, retractable awnings can’t withstand during bad weather conditions. Moreover, initial expenditure of installing these awnings is quite higher. Not only this, after installation, you might have to incur considerable charges for repairs and maintenance. Hence, make sure that you keep these points in mind before installing awnings at your place. 

  • Fixed or Stationary Awnings

These awnings are permanently attached to windows or doors in exteriors such as windows, deck or patios. Since fixed awnings are quite sturdy and stable, they can stand up against poor weather conditions such as winds, rains etc. Nowadays, customization is available in these awnings and you can get them customized as per your requirement. An additional benefit of these awnings is that they can fit your odd shaped deck easily.

Moreover, these awnings are quite sturdy in comparison to other ones and are quite durable. Moreover, these awnings provide full weather protection i.e. during summers and rains you can turn them on.

You can easily install these awnings for small areas such as doors and windows. However, as per users’ feedback, these awnings require more maintenance in comparison to other ones. Additionally, you can’t change orientation of these awnings. In addition to this, fixed awnings require greater support for covering large area. 

  • Motorized Awnings

These awnings are easier to use and install than other types of awnings. In case, you’re looking for an affordable solution for your house’s windows, motorized awnings are what you need. These awnings are more convenient to use than manual retractable awnings. Apart from this, the maintenance and repair cost of these awnings is lesser than retractable awnings. 

  • Portable Awnings

These awnings can be moved from one place to another which makes them ideal for homeowners who’re planning to shift to some other place in near future. Although these awnings aren’t quite sturdy, you still can expect good protection from dust particles and sun rays by using these awnings. You can buy good quality awnings at Avaeksperdid – Kaihtimet ja Verhot.

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