How do you clean windows with Plantation Shutters?

Plantation shutters – I as a homeowner had been longing for it since long and this Christmas my husband gave me this perfect surprise by installing them. Plantation Shutters Orlando are not just stylish and have high kerb appeal but they are highly functional too. Well, for any priced possession, like plantation shutters for me, it demands care and love. For cleaning plantation shutters, I follow these steps and I share them with you all.

Let us begin.

Faux Wood Shutters

A feather duster and a vacuum cleaner is all what you need when cleaning faux wood shutters Firstly, remove all the dust with the help of feather duster and then if you find any dirt or dust left behind, make use of your vacuum cleaner. Your faux wood shutters would keep sparkling if you follow the feather duster and vacuum cleaner in combination.

Real Wood Shutters

With real wood shutters, you need to be extra cautious while cleaning off the dust. Harsh chemicals might account to scratch or discoloration and so use gentle cleaning method like feather duster and vacuum cleaner. A swipe with a sprayer dryer sheet will ensure that further dust does not get accumulated soon.

Vinyl Shutters

Vinyl shutters are robust window coverings that are waterproof and flame retardant too. so, you can make a spray solution of water and vinegar. Pour it on a soft cloth and apply it on the slats to deep clean the shutters. You can dust it every week for regular cleaning.

The window treatments I mentioned above are very much in vogue and thanks to the manufacturers like Orlando Shutters Blind and More, they are more durable than before making them a perfect choice for homeowners like me. As a piece of advice, I recommend them to clean plantation shutters regularly even if you find them clean in order to avoid any issues of extra grime or debris deposition.

Following these tips, your plantation shutters would keep looking as elegant and stylish as they were when they were first installed.