Homicide Cleanup

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Traumatic events like homicides are absolutely devastating. Those left behind are reeling from the shock of the event. We are the professionals who provide homicide cleanup. We make sure that the scene of the homicide is cleaned and disinfected and safe to use again. Our goal is to return the scene to its original condition so that our clients can move forward in the healing process.

Homicides usually involve spilled blood, and this turns the scene into a biohazard. Our technicians are trained to carefully follow government regulations on the cleanup of crime scenes and biohazardous areas. It is important that professionals tackle this job to minimize the risk of infection by blood borne pathogens in anyone who enters the scene.

We take our job to protect the health of anyone who comes onto the scene very seriously. While we do our work quickly, often within a few hours, we never sacrifice quality for speed. Our clients can depend on us to do the job right and to safeguard their health and that of those they care about.

We are deeply sensitive to the complex web of emotions and tasks that our clients must deal with. Working as discreetly as possible and with a light footstep, we are cognizant that we are in the living or working space of our clients. Their confidentiality and privacy are of the utmost importance, and we respect them, no questions asked.

The goal of crime scene cleanup is to disinfect the area and make it safe to use again and to return it to its original condition. While we may not be able to save everything in the area, we do our best to restore those that are of sentimental value to the client as often as possible. We sometimes have to dispose of materials or items that we cannot disinfect because they are too badly contaminated.

Using science-based procedures, we ensure that our work is done thoroughly. At the same time, we focus on our clients as human beings and make sure that their needs are being met. The focus is on helping them to move forward in their healing journeys, and we take that responsibility very seriously.

Homicide cleanup is no easy task. We partner with local authorities, apartment communities, victims services groups, and more to help make the situation somewhat easier by providing professional and private cleanup services.