Homicide Cleanup Service El Paso Texas: The Right Supplies for Crime Scene Cleanup

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When someone falls victim to a violent crime or traumatic accident, their loved ones get hit the most in the sense that they are often tasked with cleaning up the scene. Back in the days, families or property owners had no other option than to tend to the crime scene cleanup themselves, even though they don’t have the required training and skills to handle the task. Some of the accessories used include a mop, a bucket and a jug of bleach. But the truth is that cleaning a site where a violent death occurred is best left to professional homicide cleanup service El Paso Texas. These sites contain potential biohazards and thus require specialized cleaning supplies, skills, and experience.

Choosing the Right Supplies

One thing you should know is that blood and body fluids that come out of a decomposed body or at a crime scene are contagious. They contain bloodborne pathogens such as HIV, MRSA, hepatitis B, and C and Clostridium difficile (C. diff), just to name a few. Failing to use the right supplies and cleaning methods during crime scene cleanup puts the individuals handling the cleaning task at risk of getting infected.

As more people begin to know the health hazards associated with handling blood and other potentially infectious material, it is therefore pertinent that you contact only professional homicide cleanup service El Paso Texas to handle the task. It is not wise to leave the job to amateurs and ill-qualified experts. This is because they don’t have what it takes to get the job done professionally.

Note that there is no such thing as a universal disinfectant. All disinfectants are produced for specific disease or infection. Some of the supplies that most professional crime scene cleaners use include

  • Portable ATP fluorescence testing unit
  • Plastic sheeting and bio-tape
  • Biohazard disposal containers
  • Personal protective equipment such as respiratory masks, shoe coverings, gloves, and biohazard suits
  • Effective solvents and cleaning agents

Professional homicide cleanup service El Paso Texas uses only the finest supplies and materials for crime scene cleanup. These experts follow industry stand to guarantee the safety of occupants and neighbors. More so, they follow special procedures to ensure your home is properly cleaned and remediated.

Prior to taking up the task, these experts will first visit the site, inspect it and then create zones to prevent cross contamination. Afterward, they get rid of contagious products, blood, and bodily fluids. Any item that cannot be salvaged will be disposed of appropriately.  

To make sure that all potential biohazards present at the scene of a crime are disinfected and properly cleaned, families and property owners should only hire a professional homicide cleanup service El Paso Texas. They have the required tools and follow the right procedures to reduce the risk of spreading infection. In your quest for finding the right company, you should make sure that they are using only the right chemical that is highly effective in getting rid of the infection.