Home Improvement Projects under $200

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A home improvement project doesn’t have to cost a lot to be effective. If you’re competing with homes for sale in your area you may want to make some repairs before hitting the market. Here are a few improvements you can make for under $200.

1. Polish Your Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors can look dramatically different when they’ve been freshly polished. You can rent a machine to polish your hardwood floors quickly, and if you have a little extra money you can consider resurfacing or staining.

2. Repaint Your Interior

Repainting can be a matter of less than a hundred dollars if you do it yourself and focus on specific rooms. Consider brightening up bedrooms or bathrooms and creating accent walls.

3. Make Your Home Smarter

A smart thermostat, smart lights, or smart fire detection system can all be a selling point for those looking for a more modern home. As an additional benefit, it’ll save you money on your utilities.

4. Replace Bathroom Fixtures

Bathroom fixtures like faucets and shower heads can be replaced cheaply and often make a bathroom look like new. Consider low flow fixtures which are more sustainable and sought after.

5. Invest in Professional Cleaning

Sometimes just getting things professionally cleaned can make them look better. Power washing your exterior, cleaning your carpets, or just getting your kitchen scrubbed down will help with presentation.

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