Hiring A Van And Moving Yourself Vs. Hiring A Removal Company – Pro’s and Con’s

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The three most stressful things in life are – changing jobs, moving house and relationships endings. They say in life you should never do all 3 at once. But from time to time unfortunately things are out of your control and the three things fall hand in hand, after all they do say that things happen in threes.

It could be that you have found a new job in a different location, and you now have to move, and maybe your significant other can’t move with you; it could be that your relationship has ended and after living with each other you now have to move out; on a more positive note, one of you have been offered an opportunity of a lifetime but it involves moving house and location, and you are packing up and taking on this new adventure together; or simply that you are moving from one property to another – all four scenarios means packing up your life and moving.

I’ve been at all four ends and yes you can get an overwhelming feeling of panic but you know what it all works out, especially having removal companies in Bristol handy at your fingertips.

So after my many occasions of moving I did my research on the best tactic and as a helpful person thought I’d share my inside knowledge.

Hiring a van and Moving Yourself –


Pro – You are completely in charge of your move.  It’s flexible and you can choose how long you need it for so you don’t have to rush around like a headless chicken.

Con – Can you drive a van..? They are much bigger than your usually means of transport, and some may require a different licence if the van is over 3.5 ton. You also have to ensure you keep hold of your paperwork and return the van in the same condition as you got it in.


Pro – Right so it does work out slightly cheaper hiring a van yourself, however with most companies you need to fill the tank up.

Con – You only have the van for a set amount of time, which sometimes means panic as you don’t want to run over your allocated time and be charged extra.

Transporting your Goods:

Pro – You get to pack your belongings yourself, and even though it can be chaotic, it’s your chaotic organised ‘mess’.

Con – All the heavy lifting is down to you, especially if you don’t have a few friends helping you. You also have to make sure you are packing the van correctly and utilising the space you have.

Hiring a Removal Company –

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Pro – Hassle free. They are also insured which means they are liable for any damage etc.

Con – You are usually allocated a moving slot, so you have to be super organised on your day.


Pro – They do it all for you for a set price, whether it’s hourly or day rate – and best of all, they come prepared which means no wasting time.

Con – If you do have a lot of stuff to move and a price is not set, you can potentially be overcharged. Make sure you discuss this once you decide on a removal company.

Transporting your Goods:

Pro – Moving companies usually assesses how much stuff you have and will accommodate for the move by sending more than one person to do the work.

Con – Make sure you label your boxes so that the movers put them in the correct rooms – there is nothing worse than trying to find items when you have 50 plus boxes to go through.

My verdict – Hire a Removal Company. It’s less stressful, they are the experts in moving, and your move will be much speedier. Also, while the guys are moving your things, crack open the bubbly, kick back and let them do all the hard work.