Having Renovation Works Done? Make Sure You Do These 3 Things Before You Start

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What should you do before you proceed with renovation.

  1. Budget enough money and time for the renovations. If you don’t, your experience might be quite bleak. Make sure that you have got enough quotes to satisfy you that you will know the amount of time needed and the money, and have some money over for eventualities, at least five to 10 percent.

  1. Ensure you are legally protected and within the law.

Make sure any planning permission and legal aspects of the work are fully covered before the work commences. Make sure your insurance covers the work and that your contractors are fully legal and compliant with any necessary laws. And don’t forget to adjust any property insurance after the work is done, to accommodate the way the property has changed.

  1. Protect your property.

Before the renovations start, you will need to clear the areas being renovated and move anything valuable or damageable out of the area. You may have to vacate the property altogether.

You will need to use covers to protect floors, walls, rails and fixtures which could be damaged by the work.

It is easy to overlook floor protection sheets, but floor protections are vital while messy construction work is going on in your property. Floor protection sheets can be purchased quite easily.

There is no need for the extra time and expense that damaged and dirty floors and carpets can cause, just protect the floors and other items that can be covered, but not removed, during the renovations. A full range of floor protection products are available.

Renovations are important to plan well. So that when the contractors leave, the property is habitable and most of all, the floors are free from scuffs, scratches or marks. Research more tips for renovation preparations and actions.

Why use floor covers for renovation? Dust can be a nightmare to get rid of and also very unhealthy to breathe in. Make sure you have a good cover around your room that can be easily removed, and the dust disposed of, after the renovation.

If you plan well and prepare the property in advance, covering floors and other immovable items, then your renovation should be a rewarding experience that you will eventually be proud of, rather than a nightmare that you are reminded of by the scuffs and stains on the floor as well as the bills and stress.

Good luck with your renovations. And remember, prepare well and protect well.