Guidelines for Delray Beach Sober Living Housing

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One of the smartest moves a recovering alcoholic or addict can make is to move into a sober living unit after treatment has been completed. Along with living in sober living comes accountability, which is paramount all throughout recovery. There are many rules that must be followed while living in sober living housing, with the most important one being not to use alcohol or drugs. If you are wanting to enhance your recovery with a strategy that will help you stay clean, come check out Delray Beach Sober Living today. Here’s a look at a few of the Sober Living Guidelines Delray Beach you will be expected to follow. 

As stated before, when you live in Delray Beach sober living housing, you cannot use alcohol or drugs on or off the premises, and you will be subject to random drug screens. If you fail to submit to these screens, you will no longer be allowed to keep your housing. You will also have to follow a curfew of 10:00 pm for the first three weeks. Once three weeks have passed and your case is reviewed, you will be given an 11:30 pm curfew Monday through Sunday. Your curfew Friday and Saturday will be 1:00 am. 

It is highly encouraged that you attend at least one AA/NA/CA/etc. meeting for the first 90 days after moving into your housing unit and meeting sheet verification may be requested by staff to ensure you are doing your best to attend meetings as much as possible. If you are taking part in a treatment program, you must follow all recommendations and be on time for all treatment sessions. If you have to miss a treatment session, it needs to be approved by your therapist at least 24 hours in advance. 

Another requirement that is mandatory is an 8:00 pm community meeting every Sunday night. It is at this meeting that you can share how you are doing in your recovery and voice any concerns that you may have. Most times, there will a meeting speaker at the community meeting. If you are not taking part in a treatment program, you are required to gain employment, enroll in school, or take part in some type of community volunteering program. Curfew extensions will be provided to those who are employed, but you must request an extension at least 12 hours in advance of your curfew. 

There are a variety of other guidelines that must be followed while living in Delray Beach sober living housing, including having your bed made every morning during the week by 9:00 am and 11:00 am on the weekends. If your work schedule requires you to sleep during the day, exceptions will be made.