Green Fingers = Happy Mind

Gardening is a great habit to get into, not only does it allow you to get creative in the garden but also does wonders for your health and wellbeing.

In a study done by Harvard University’s public health school and Brigham and Women’s Hospital studied over 100,000 women, they found people who have plentiful gardens, which are full of vegetation have improved both physical and mental health. The results showed that those participants with the greenest of gardens have a 12% lower mortality rate than people without gardens.

When it came to mental health, the study found that approximately 30% of the benefits a woman receives from living around vegetation were to do with experiencing lower levels of depression.

And if that isn’t enough evidence to get your fingers turning green, have a look at the other benefits of how gardening can improve your mental health.

Reduces Anxiety

Gardening allows us space to recuperate and revitalise mentally. Our minds can sometimes be running at a million miles per hour, worrying, analysing and overthinking, when gardening, the smells and sounds relaxes you.

If you don’t have a garden try introducing indoor plants or a herb garden to your home.

Moves your Body

Moving your body reduces your risk of illness, gives you more energy overall it improves your health. It also makes you feel great by releasing endorphins and stimulating feelings of relaxation and happiness. It also means exercising and the benefits of exercise are fantastic.

Improves Mood

By giving yourself space to think, breathe and be present with your thoughts, you are actively enhancing your mood and sense of wellbeing.

Gardening provides a sense of satisfaction – whether it is tidying up, preparing flower beds, pruning or planting. It’s a great feeling to look back and feeling physically worked and satisfied.

Fresh Air And Sunlight

There is strong evidence that suggests spending time outdoors, feeling the soil, absorbing some sunlight and being exposed to the elements promotes not just physical health, but emotional wellbeing. Also growing food satisfies a primal urge we all have – to nourish ourselves and to have contact with, and some control over our environment.

Sunlight also provides an influx of vitamin D which is great for your health.

Learning New Things

There is a lot of research to support the link between learning and happiness. Picking up a new skill or piece of knowledge contributes to fulfilment and satisfaction. When you are gardening there are countless opportunities to learn while growing, and the knowledge accumulated pays off in a tangible result which can help create a great sense of wellbeing.

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