Granite Selection Process – Tips For The First Timers

If you are in the process of remodeling your kitchen or constructing your new home, one of the challenges you will face will be in the form of your countertops for the kitchen and bathroom. You are required to carefully review your options and make the right choices as this feature of your how is likely to remain for life and this is not something that is changed frequently. Making the correct choices right at the start will save you the hassles and unnecessary expenses down the line. If it is your first time selecting your countertops, here are few tips to help you get started.

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Decide on the kitchen interior theme and the cabinet colors first. Some people like to go with traditional schemes and others would like to have something trendy and contemporary. So what is your choice? After deciding on the interior color scheme and the kitchen theme, look for stone suppliers near you. You can run a search online using the term ‘stone suppliers near me and the search engines will pick up your location and list the suppliers in and around your area.

You will need to as for the catalogue of available granites with the local suppliers who are close to you. Take time to review the color options, there are numerous shades for you to consider. By this time you are likely to have decided on the interiors and the cabinet colors so while reviewing the countertop options keep these factors in mind. There are people who first decide on the counter top colors and then decide the cabinet colors because they are fixated on certain colors and they would want to go with their favorite colored counter tops. There is no right or wrong way to go about it, whatever works for you is fine. Just make the right choices. After shortlisting the colors call the local suppliers for the availability status. Sometimes their catalogue may feature a certain type of granite but they may not have an adequate quantity available in stock. It is therefore important to check the availability status and when is the earliest they could get your preferred colors in case of non-availability of the requested granite options.

It is important that you visit the local stone suppliers near you to pick your granite slab. As far as natural stones and in particular granite is concerned, each slab will be unique.  You can take advantage of this and pick a slab that would match the best with your interiors.

In terms of pricing granite slabs are priced based on the color shades and also based on the thickness of the slabs. Upon finalizing your slab, the supplier will send it to your countertop fabricator. Always choose to order your granite slabs from the most trusted suppliers in your area so that you get to pay the right price for the countertop slabs and also get the best value for your money.