Furnace Repair Severna Park

The finest furnace repair Severna Park has to offer is Barstow and Sons Heating and Cooling. This full-service HVAC services company began way back in 1980 and has since built a reputation of first class furnace repair. This family-run, family-oriented company is open 24/7, which means that we are there whenever you need us. Our company will provide you with top-notch installations and repairs, up-front estimates and a guarantee of top-of-the-line service each time you call on us.

Let’s Talk About Furnace Repair

Your furnace needs to be properly maintained so it can operate efficiently, especially in the Wintertime. If you are experiencing problems with your furnace, such as leaks or vents that are blocked, corrosion, strange noises, etc., then it’s time to talk to the furnace repair experts in Severna Park. Here are some of the things that our skilled technicians look for during routine furnace inspections:

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  • The heat exchanger is examined for any cracks, separations, or signs of corrosion. If your heat exchanger is damaged, it can emit deadly carbon monoxide!
  • The blower is cleaned completely, including removal of the blower wheel to make sure it’s free of debris
  • The blower access door will be checked to make sure its seal is tight, and the air intake grill will be checked for blockages
  • The burner will be checked for proper ignition and the flame sensor will be tested
  • Every moving part of the motor will be lubricated in order to reduce friction
  • All wires and electrical connections will be examined
  • The thermostat will be recalibrated
  • The flue will be checked for obstructions which might be affecting your indoor air quality
  • We will also check the furnace’s manifold gas pressure to make sure that the right amount of fuel is entering the burners
  • Belts and safety controls will be examined
  • Your furnace’s startup cycle and air filter will be checked. If your furnace has a dirty filter, that can restrict proper air flow and damage vital components
  • Oil and gas furnaces will be tested, including the thermocouple, analysis of the combustion gases, checking that the electronic ignition or the pilot is working properly, and fuel lines will be checked for leaks

Contact Us for the Furnace Repair Severna Park Has Come to Rely On

Barstow and Sons have a commitment to this area. We are here to help if your furnace needs to be repaired or replaced. We’re also the area experts on furnace maintenance. We want any small problems with your furnace to be spotted before they become major problems. We offer fair pricing, great customer service, and free quotes. Call us today at (410)777-9185 to schedule an appointment or a consultation. You can also contact Barstow and Sons online.