Frequently Asked Questions About Floor Heating

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Floor heating has become a popular trend in today’s era. On the one side, it shows the standard of a living, and on the other side, it gives comfort and design-led living. If you want to renovate your home with radiant floor heating, you definitely have a number of questions to be asked. Heavenly Heat is here for you to diminish your dilemma about floor heating. Below is a sample of the questions that usually get asked:

  1. Q: I have confusion about radiant floor heating that what is it?

A: The radiant floor heating is the most preferred heating way, specially designed tubing (PEX) is installed within the floor to circulate warm water through them. It gives a cozy feeling to people in winters.

  1. Q: Can the floor get too hot? 

A: Never, this floor system is designed to deliver comfortable warmth, especially when you walk in bare feet. Moreover, you are not able to notice any difference until the chilly days come.

  1. Q: Where it’s best suited to install in the home?

A: You can get installed this flooring system anywhere in your home where you like to, even in any room, kitchen or living room, etc. Beside it, you can turn on and off the operating system according to your need.

  1. Q: Can I damage the floor?

A: No, It is designed in a way that never cause any harm to the floor. Although it is tile flooring, carpet or has hardwood, it suits to each type of flooring.

  1. Q: May these tubes break in a hydronic system?

A: Generally, tubes do not break, but it cannot be said that it never happens. When it happens, it poses no risk to you and your home, and easily be replaceable.

  1. Q: does an air conditioning is needed to cool down the heat?

A: No, there is no need to install any air conditioner, because the cooling system does not able to handle humidity and poses a sticky or unpleasant feeling on the ground.

  1. Q: Is there any possibility to heat just the ceramic floor in our master bath? 

A: Yes of course, Radiant max floor systems offer you the opportunity to heat the place wherever you want; Bathrooms always come in first priority as people don’t like to step onto cold tile.

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