Four questions to choose the best roofing company

The roof is leaking, the faucet is leaking, the fixture is no longer working, the burnt orange ceramic floor has had its day.

Opportunities to do business with specialized contractors are numerous.

But how do you know if you have chosen the right person?

Here’s a short practical guide in four questions.

What is the state of the art?

We have to make sure that the contractor will take the time to understand the building.

Large ice cubes clearly indicate that there is a condensation problem.

But just because the roof is 20 years old does not mean that it has to be re-done, just as it should not be taken for granted that it was done well in the beginning.

The roofer must go around the attic to see if there are problems.

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Does the roofer intend to take precautions during the work?

“What protective measures does the roofer intend to take to avoid damaging the customer’s vehicles, for example?

Does he pick up his nails and garbage?

Does he work in the sun when it’s very hot and the shingle is soft? These are key questions to ask the roofers before accepting their submissions.

However, peace of mind can be achieved by dealing with entrepreneurs who are members of the Quebec Master Roofers Association (AMCQ).

They have civil insurance of $ 5 million in the event of an accident and their employees must take certain preventive training courses.

Does he have the skills to install the chosen types of materials?

There are several roofing products on the market, but that does not mean that every roofer has the right to install them properly.

Depending on the roof type, the roofer must be accredited by the materials suppliers.

Companies will offer free training to entrepreneurs, and accreditation requires exams.

So the customer needs to be aware of what the contractor is using. Not all products from different manufacturers are compatible.

If you use a type of shingle or membrane, the contractor must generally choose the same or at least the same product families.

  • Can he honor all the guarantees in force?

Obtaining accreditation from material suppliers also allows contractors to offer additional guarantees to customers. So we want to make sure we see the bills and that the guaranteed 50-year-old shingle is guaranteed. In addition, a contractor belonging to the AMCQ is subject to the Quality Assurance Program, which offers a total guarantee of 10 years. In accordance with the requirements of the Civil Code, the AMCQ is jointly responsible with the roofing contractor for the first five years, but it also offers an additional period of five years.

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